24 Jun

Our emotions, long associated with the water element, spot light where our thoughts are treading. Pause, allow a healthy emotional expression, and let the under current of thoughts surface fully. Any beliefs that are not of peace is what must be surrendered to sky ~ to something bigger than our little ego self ~ to Spirit.

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04 Jun
Angel sitting among flowers.

A young woman was already seated in the shuttle that I needed to take to get from the San Francisco airport to my hotel at the writer’s conference. We were the only two riders, but I didn’t feel like crawling in the back so I sat right next to her. From the side-view of her face, she looked just like my former client (let’s call her Claire) except the lip ring was missing.

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07 May
Image of my daughter's 12 year-old dog who helped me learn a better way.

A rather large yellow dog, with a serious face, was minding his own business as a young couple led him past my daughter’s house last summer.

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09 Apr

Our bodies are such wonderful communication devices. When we need a bit of prodding to understand that there may be issues that haven’t been resolved, the body may give us a symptom or two to capture our attention.

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13 Mar

When you two little earth angels arrived seven weeks early, my heart melted into a swirl of milk chocolate with whipped cream. Your sweet scrunched-up faces let out a cry ~ so brave to take in the breath of this world.

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14 Feb
snow covered trees

Stand By Me by Ben E. King is a song that always makes me pause and listen. It soothes my soul to hear that heartfelt plea for the comfort of another. I breathe deep and contemplate.

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18 Jan

I have traveled very far
To find the love 
Beckoning from the
 One bright star.

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19 Dec
Cat in green bushes looking out with love

Patty’s bedroom had it all, including the ballerina bedspread that was so pretty. She lived a few houses away and was an only child of much older parents. My mother told me to put that bedspread out of my mind because we couldn’t afford it. But, what can I say; I retained that memory from my six-year-old self.

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27 Nov
Bridge over river ~ There is always a way

I stare at the unfinished baby blanket I had started ten years ago after my first grandchild was born. The crochet instructions look like a foreign language. And blessings of all blessings twins are on the way! My inner-nana insists that I kick this project into high gear. But, the person who taught me how to crochet moved away and I have no clue how to pull this off.

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15 Oct
Autumn leaves symbolizing life's transitions

When change comes upon us

And it seems so very large

Better to not force it

Just watch like the stars

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