14 Aug

Twenty-nine Augustins from three generations all gathered in Luxembourg a few weeks ago. Some of us were connected by marriage, but twenty-four were from the multigenerational lineage of great-great-grandmother, Magdalena. Due to the timing of her being born in Luxembourg before settling in Wisconsin, it enabled a rare opportunity for her future family members to obtain dual-citizenship.

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16 Jul

I have lived in the same spot for so long that the only way to get me to travel down a new road is to bring the new road to me ~ ha!

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19 Jun

I walk along the beach to savor the last view of the Mediterranean Sea before our bus leaves to take us back to the US. When I look down at my hands, I’m startled to see how very dark they look. Suddenly, I’m a tall black lady wearing a red loose dress. Then all goes fuzzy until my friend is pulling on my arm asking what’s wrong with me. The best I can tell her is that I’m not feeling like myself. She manages to get my shorter, blue-eyed body to the bus on time, but I feel very weird.

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20 May

The tears that welled up in her large doe eyes were heartbreaking. It made my stomach twirl to watch such a tiny person explode with hurt. “I’ve always loved my job,” she sobbed, “until now.”

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22 Apr

Earth, Water, Air and Fire

Spin with me now

As we create our desire

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28 Mar

Wouldn’t it be the best time ever if we felt it was our moment in the sun? To feel warm and welcome and accepted just as we are (no matter our size, or skin tone, age, talents or personality quirks)? You know ~ just the pure happiness of being who we are!

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27 Feb

A deep craving

Pulsed through my heart

Be connected

In the simple places

In the dark

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01 Feb

Dogs are known to be loyal, protective, and good crusaders ~ especially when they have been made aware that an injustice has taken place. With so many humanitarian causes that need to be championed, it is likely to be a productive year.

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10 Jan

My teenage self would brood for hours locked in my bedroom. The lit candles casted shadows on the wall, and Simon and Garfunkel played softly in the backdrop. Feelings would rise like the tides and I rode the waves until they calmed.

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12 Dec

Among the bustle of holiday parties and family get-togethers, a low hum of anxiety may surface at times. Deep within the caverns of our subconscious mind, sharp pointy memories may try to poke at us when someone says or does something to trigger uncomfortable recollections.

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