Trees and Lake Michigan

Mother Earth Day ~ Time to Discover Your Gifts

The sandy path lining the woods parallels the shore of my beloved Lake Michigan. My heart is full of gratitude for the reopening of our state parks. A bold deer stares at me with an amazingly soft appeal in her eyes. Her gentle friends are nibbling the foliage nearby. I stop walking to tell her how much I love her and that I am hopeful for the recovery of our wild world. It appears as though the corners of her mouth turn up into a smile.

Nature seems to be in a shining state of repose, though little buds of new life are starting to make their debut. My request to the heavens is that humankind takes this pandemic period as a wakeup call to assist our Earth in her recovery to her pristine state that in turn nurtures us all.

As society reopens to busier times, it benefits us to discover what patterns in our own life will be going forward. Now that a crack has been placed in what we once considered a stable existence, we have an opportunity to reflect on what is really of value. Will we do our part now to create healthcare, educational and economic systems that not only take care of all the people, but also allow the environment to flourish?

We all have an individual contribution to make that will benefit the whole. How do you connect with your gifts and find that purpose that can only be fulfilled by you?

Here are some steps that have worked well in my own journey of discovery.

  1. Breathe deep and let yourself know what you fear. A body sensation may accompany this, such as a quiver in your stomach, tightness in your chest, throb in your temple, etc.
  2. Let the thoughts come whether they are rational or not. Fear is what keeps us blocked from our inner knowing and forward progress.
  3. Be willing to let go. Observe the fear thoughts and be willing to breathe them away. Placing them in a Higher Power’s hands is also very useful at this point.
  4. Begin to feel your energy field underneath your skin. This is your Spirit self ~ the eternal part of your being that knows exactly what you need to let go of, and, what actions to bring into the future that brings you peace.
  5. Empty your mind and listen for guidance. It is likely that one small step will be revealed to you.
  6. Do this everyday. Know that when you are feeling loved and fulfilled, you naturally bring your gifts out to benefit the world. No one’s seemingly small contributions are any more or less important than anyone else’s. We are all in this together.

Let this be the era of transcendence. May we all find quality in our own life, and, honor the Earth with a partnership built on the grace of divinely inspired living.

This is what makes a Happy Mother Earth Day!

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