nature scene with lake, mountain and trees

Life Chances ~ Messages From Mother Nature

Tidy up a bit, you’ll feel better, dear human animals.

Refresh yourself in my pure waters. Dive deep and drink. Better than the sweet wine, it will purify your heart ~ which is the cure to your ailment.

You can bare my raw love, for you have been here before beloved newborns.

If you think yourself unworthy, get caught up in the rip tide that spins the mud off, though it is the wilder ride, it will be accomplished either way if you will it so.

Detox your selfishness through the pores of your own skin. It will reawaken honeyed breath ~ the discovery of true nurturing.

Behold all creatures with your cleansed tears in the focused light. A desire for less becomes more, true gold.

My other animals peer out from their hiding places with snout and hope raised high. A pleasant odor is in the air. The stench of greed disappeared in the mist.

Some others come back to adore you, no longer fearing your mistakes. They forgive and heal you again with their loving devotion.

Plant life resumes their unimpeded bountiful giving, knowing you will not take more than you need, while watching you give back with joyous intent.

A portal of time, split by sun and moon, offers this moment of redemption. Walk through to my heart ~ I merge with you there.

Never separate, for you have always belonged to me. Forget not we are one ~ do not miss this chance.

Mother Nature

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