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Love Medicine ~ 12 Ways to Heal Via Waves of Love

We are Divine Beings of Love ~ our Creator does not do substandard work! And yet, we do have the free will choice to block awareness of our true nature, which is pure love. So, how do we stop sabotaging ourselves? We love ourselves, and all others. It’s the most powerful healing medicine there is!

Here are 12 ways to do that:

  1. Be open to miracles. Miraculous healings have taken place throughout our manmade history. An encounter with otherworldly vibrations flows through us, and we are infused with an extra burst of love essence.
  2. Believe you are worthy of love. Engage in the discipline of replacing false negative thoughts immediately with the exact opposite thought. I am not good enough rephrases to I am a Holy Being deserving of much love.
  3. Analyze any secondary gains you may be receiving due to illness. Here are some common gains (which often we are not fully conscious of until we take a deeper look) ~ time off from work, attention from others, a way out of doing something you’d rather not do. Be willing to find alternative ways to have your needs met.
  4. Give yourself special attention. Lots of subconscious wounds are due to neglect we’ve experienced as children. Often we keep re-wounding ourselves by neglecting ourselves as adults. Sometimes we strive to get others to love us more than we are even willing to do for ourselves. When they fall short, we end up feeling unloved. But, when we give ourselves permission to take good loving care of our own self, we bring corrective experiences to our inner children (younger parts of our self that live in our subconscious mind). Love yourself as if you were your own most precious baby. Then you will eat better, get enough exercise, and rest as needed. You’ll feel deeply cared for and healing will occur!
  5. Apologize. First, to yourself for any mistakes you’ve made. Reframe the experiences as learning opportunities and vow to do better. Also, apologize to all others (even if it is just in your own mind) that you may have caused harm to. Guilt is very hard on the human body and can cause all sorts of disturbances. Letting go of guilt is one of the most difficult and essential healing processes there is.
  6. Forgive. Tricky? Yes, especially when someone’s behavior has had a negative impact on our life. Let’s face it; we all have had a lover, family member, or friend betray us. But know that it is only their behavior that has seemingly caused harm. If they had a healed mind, then they wouldn’t feel competitive, jealous, mean, etc. In other words, they haven’t found a way to love themselves enough to know who they truly are as Divine Beings of love and so they are acting out in destructive ways towards others. You need not continue to interact with anyone ~ it’s called setting good boundaries. But, if you allow yourself to feel compassion for them instead of condemnation, it instills a sense of peace within you that immediately brings in healing waves of love! That is what true forgiveness does.
  7. Surrender all fear. Anxiety happens to all of us. Don’t try to repress it or it will surface eventually anyway (often times, more potently then the original cause). Instead, let yourself momentarily feel it and then breathe deep. See what underlying thoughts are attached to the feeling. If it is simply a prompt to take a better course of action, then be grateful for the awareness and proceed to whatever you need to do to take good care of yourself. If it is an irrational thought, then just take note of it, and be willing to let it go. This is where a Higher Power can be helpful ~ calling upon someone bigger than yourself for help, is wise. Then focus on the feeling of love. It is hormonally impossible to feel fear and love at the same time. Choose love!
  8. Reframe your flaws. When we look in the mirror, send love. Sure, we all have a body issue or two that we wish looked different, but maybe there is a way to see it more kindly. For me, it was the dark shadows around my eyes. In fact, when I was in a Catholic elementary school, a classmate asked me if I was Jewish. What? When I asked my mom what he meant, she laughed but didn’t explain. Years later, I figured out that he was telling me I looked like a holocaust victim. For years, I was obsessed with getting the right concealer to pat beneath my eyes and I didn’t want to be seen without it. Then someone told me that French models would enhance the dark shades under their eyes to look sexier. Now I embrace the French part of my heritage, give myself a smoldering look in the mirror, and say, ‘Je t’aime!’ No more cover up for me.

9. Cherish the people who do really love you. You know who they are. They have your back, are kind to you when you’re hurting, listen to be supportive, and share in your joys! They may or may not be plentiful in your life, but even one will be a blessing. My Uncle Tommy was that source of love for me when I was a child, so I include his picture here with deep appreciation.

Picture of me and my Uncle Tommy ~ First Communion
My Uncle Tommy & Me ~ First Communion

10. Give to yourself abundantly that which makes your soul sing. Really know that the person who needs your love the most is YOU! Connect with Nature (who loves us all unconditionally), indulge in luxurious activities that make you feel pampered, set aside time to immerse yourself in creative pursuits, and let visions and dreams of a joyful life fill your mind. All of these acts of love are healing beyond knowing.

11. Engage in generous acts of service. Every compliment we give to a friend, time we devote to helping someone have an easier situation, or donations we make to create a better planet for all who live here ~ come back to us tenfold in waves of loving, healing light!

12. Connect with your very loving Spirit (the part of you that lives eternally), those who love you unconditionally in the heavens (guides, angels and persons who have transitioned), and whomever you call to as the Source of your existence. When we are quiet within, we are loved beyond this world!

Love Yourself ~ Heal Yourself ~ Love all others ~ Heal the Planet

Have Valentine’s Day Everyday!

Love Heals ~ it’s the most powerful force in the universe!

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