27 Nov

I stare at the unfinished baby blanket I had started ten years ago after my first grandchild was born. The crochet instructions look like a foreign language. And blessings of all blessings twins are on the way! My inner-nana insists that I kick this project into high gear. But, the person who taught me how to crochet moved away and I have no clue how to pull this off.


As confusion threatens to cloud my perspective, I remember an old mantra that has served me well ~ there is a solution to this problem; I just don’t know what it is yet.


That thought system has aided me throughout my life. At 18 years old, my parents had asked me to leave. I won’t get into the gritty details. But, what I did learn was how to depend on myself. I got an apartment with a great friend, applied for financial aid, and took things step by step to become a nurse while working at a gas station.


Terrified of life as I was, there was always that persistent message guiding my way. Of course, every once in a while I would put out a generic plea ~ someone please help me! Though agnostic at that time, I do believe that whoever was watching over me, helped me by showing me the resources to take care of myself.


I recommend the DIY mindset for anyone who is trying to accomplish anything ~ even if it feels too complicated or your confidence is shaky. If you persist, the end result will be rewarding. Plus, you’ll gain knowledge along the way that you never would have learned had someone done the work for you.


I’m not saying that getting some help isn’t necessary. But, knowing what you can do on your own, and where to go when you can’t get it done, is a journey worth investigating. So many people just want to throw money at a problem to make it go away, but that might not be the most satisfying answer, or even feasible for some of us.


A great example comes from my Webmaster, MaAnna, at BlogAid. Her specialty is teaching non-geeks how to maintain their website ~ knowing we may not all be gifted with techno skills or have the financial means to hire out for every little change that is needed. Basically, she helps us to help ourselves. If we want to be her client, then she leads us through a series of tutorials and webinars so that we can keep our websites viable with the ever-changing internet world. She is an advocate for DIYers who are willing to put in the work. Yet, she acknowledges that there are some skills that are above our level. If so, she then points us to the right professionals who can tackle the more in-depth issues. I love that!


Difficult circumstances can be handled in a reassuring way when we remember that ~ there is a solution to the problem; we just don’t know what it is yet. Whatever the issue is, breathe deep until a wave of calm comes over you. Ask to be guided in the right direction from the great Mystery of life. Then be willing to take action to learn how to do whatever it is that needs to be done. The gratification that comes from doing it yourself leads to fulfillment.


With a peaceful mind I find a six-minute YouTube video that explains the basics of crochet. My mind clears and I suddenly remember how to finish the blanket. Then I’m off to the yarn store to pick out colors for twin number two! I want to be the type of nana that encourages the future generation not to be afraid to DIY.



Bridge over river ~ There is always a way

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Written by Pen Augustin

Pen Augustin is author of Waves of Light and The Priestess Tale series. She is also founder of Lady of the Lake Holistic Health. Pen loves to give messages about how we can heal ourselves and bring balance to our beloved planet. Living near the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, she enjoys spending time in nature and communing with the local wildlife.

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