Snow covered trees with a road leading to hills

Enchanted ~ When the Mystical Joins the Ordinary

My husband and I travel north after the storm. At first, the grass holds only a faint sprinkling of snowflakes. The further we go, inches of blazing white snow cling to the branches of trees. The tall ones are so laden they bow their heads to passersby.

We round a curve and my breath leaves my body. To speak would intrude upon the mystery.

The sun low on the hills peeks through the dark clouds. Pristine, untouched beauty enters my heart so deeply that nothing is real but this moment.

I am one with my Creator and I know I am loved. I am one with all of life and I know we are loved.

So enchanted am I that I know life will never be quite the same. Presence is within me and cannot leave ~ it is who we are.

My New Year’s wish for everyone is that you find a moment to be in stillness, in beauty, in a comfort that goes beyond this world. Go somewhere beautiful in nature and request to be shown the truth of your existence. When you return to the ordinary life, you will be forever smitten. Love to You!

Snow thick along branches of tall ones
Bow heads over highway covered in ice
Offer protection to those who surrender

Waning sun showcase the hills
Beckon come forward ~ slowly
Heavy storm clouds give way to space
Stillness left in their absence

All an entrapment of beauty
We are love

A call back to the womb held at bay
A preview of promises to come
Bathe in the cradle between worlds

No use pretending to not know
Once entered, enchanted forever
Stellar presence within
Every day life extraordinary

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