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Emerging From the Chrysalis ~ 4 Steps to Quietly Unfold Your Wings

This year is supposed to be my ‘seven’ year, according to numerology. A time of repose, contemplation, and a slowing down of activity is to be given during this time within a nine year repeating cycle. I look forward to ‘seven’ years as it fits my introverted, somewhat retiring, personality. Imagine my surprise when 2021 became filled with overwhelming care-taking responsibilities for my parents. Dealing with a funeral for my dad, and multiple hospitalizations for my mom, left me exhausted. That is, until I found a way to be still within the chaos.

Having always been a person who requires a lot of ‘down time,’ I needed to figure out a way to take good care of myself. So, I cut back my work hours, and even took a sabbatical last month. But, what I discovered about ‘peace and quiet’ came at a much deeper level. I can have profound inner peace even as the demands of life keep coming. Whether I was sitting in a cardiologist office receiving harsh news about a loved one, immersed in making plans to help keep someone safe from harmful behavioral patterns, or became involved with multiple tedious tasks; I found the joy of stillness in each present moment awareness.

My main mantra is ~ peace and love and joy abide in me!

This can be true for you too ~ every second within every minute within every day!

Here are the steps I recommend to take at the moment you feel yourself not to be at peace.

  1. Detach from the drama of the situation. Breathe and know this too shall pass.
  2. Go into observer mode. Notice what is unfolding as if watching a movie. Surrender unwanted feelings. Repeat the above mantra.
  3. Let go of expectations ~ both theirs and yours. Let people be who they are and play out whatever scenes they are determined to partake in. Most importantly, know that you need not get sucked into any old roles people require of you.
  4. Stay within your personal mode of integrity. Do only that which is beneficial, appropriate, and kind to all. Do not compromise your own personal resources and values.

A caterpillar’s old body dies inside the chrysalis and a new body with beautiful wings appears.

It may be quiet and peaceful within the chrysalis where an easy cushion of safety keeps us warm and happily contemplating life. But, it can also be quiet and peaceful when flying throughout an active day. In fact, in any present moment, no matter how hard the circumstances appear to be, a sense of joy can be experienced. Now that is the true wings of freedom.

Our spiritual destiny is to fully experience bliss regardless of whether our life seems busy or still.

May the joyful dance of the butterfly be at play in your life!

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