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The Secret to Peace on Earth

Our world is forever changed, for the Divine Mother has returned to restore compassion on all levels. I believe this in my heart and soul!

In the chaos of our times, massive reawakening is taking place. We want to be compassionate once again! We welcome the feminine nurturing part of our souls to be honored in deeper, more conscious ways. We are so very tired of the fight, inequality, and crimes against nature that have blatantly surfaced in ways that cannot be ignored; that we are on our knees praying with open eyes for a better way to exist. The patriarchal way of living has failed. The Divine Feminine now stands side by side with the Divine Masculine, to usher in a time of balance and healing. The shift of the ages is upon us.

How best to be a part of the transformation to unity consciousness and peaceful existence for all on our planet? Get in touch with the love that abides in your heart and be willing to give that love to all others. We each have a unique part to play; it is as individual as the circumstances we experience in our life. Come what may, it is time to shed fear and be the glorious, generous beings of light that we eternally were created to be!

The secret to inner peace ~ be kind no matter what!
The secret to outer peace on the planet ~ be kind no matter what!

Let’s all make a commitment that no matter what hardship seems to appear in our life, we will turn it over to Spirit and do our very best to be a blessing to all. It’s the only choice worth making. We are here to save each other and all precious life forms. We have been given the divine gift of the ability to love. May we use our gift to love each other freely! From there I am confident that new solutions to all seeming problems will unfold, and paradise will return to our consciousness.

Thank you Divine Mother. Thank you Divine Father. For you are waking us up to our very own love nature as You created us to be!

Secret Pieces

Poem From Mother

When the world is falling, we need not tumble
Stay humble, my babies

Forage on to high places, calling out for the graces
I soothe you, my babies

Do look at the cracks, mistakes turned red to black
You’re forgiven, my babies

Dreams have shattered, cry, cry then laughter
Waking matters, my babies

What hurts the most is holding on to the ghosts
Look through it, my babies

All you hold dear, dissolves without fear
I bathe you, my babies

In my arms you now weep for the journey long, far and deep
Welcome home, my dear babies

Photo by George C Bailey

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