Two stone figures amidst a cloudy sky

Stillness in the Storm ~ A Poem for Peace

Stillness in the Storm

Felt a storm approach
On a blue sky day
No words could be heeded
To prepare such display

The voice in the forest
Assured the animals of care
Humanity will awaken
Amid the despair

Chest burns for the sorrow
Of loved ones let go
Though heart flame
Is conscious of eternity’s flow

Busyness of doing
Taken far away
Now the mind smiles
Could it be time to play?

When games are over
All chores done
We shall access the realms
Where it had begun

The quiet mind of Being
Embraces all as one
Joy of existence
Remembered as true love

May we ultimately come to experience a deep sense of peace amidst any challenge, illness or life change.

Love to you all!

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