Letter to My Twin Grand-babies

Your big sister had already expanded my heart to the moon and back, eleven years ago, when she made her debut. So the door had been opened to allow whatever wisdom grandmothers throughout time had to offer me. I ask them again to let that vein of love flow wide and full. Stay safe, be warm, and let your guardian angels be by your side always!

Here is the promise I make to all my grand-babies ~

• I’ll love you forever and often no matter the roads that lie between us.
• Your uniqueness will be cherished. Know that I really see you.
• All efforts to bring your gifts to the world (whether noticed by others or not) will be applauded by me.
• I’ll try not to give you the extra cookie (that will raise your mom’s eyebrows) just to be the one who makes your face beam rainbows at me.
• If trouble should ever crease your brow, I’ll help you to know that all lessons learned will aid you to grow to your highest good.
• You will be forever in my heart ~ now and endlessly!

May my hands be gentle, my joy be infectious, and my arms be open to giving you whatever you need most from a grandmother who loves you beyond measure.

My daughter holding her one-month old twin babies!

My daughter holding her twin newborn babies

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