Swimming Upstream ~ Part of Life’s Flow

I consider myself a ‘go with the flow’ advocate. Life need not be hard if we let everything just fall into place. Right?

As I walk along the creek my breath nearly stops. I spy a whole school of salmon swimming against the current. Make no mistake; it’s quite the struggle. There are rocks and fallen branches blocking most of the way.

Where I live, the salmon spend their adult lives in Lake Michigan gaining body mass. Then they make their way miles upstream (usually in rivers) to safely deposit their spawn in gravel beds. Due to the recent heavy rainfall, I witness this magnificent endeavor happening right along the creek in my hometown.

I marvel over the effort made by these precious fish to keep their life cycle going. Not only are they preserving their species, but also providing nutrients to support the adjacent woodlands and birds.

Watching them makes me ponder various challenges I’ve had in my own life. Getting an education, working, and raising a family had not always been easy. Yet the payoff has been survival, helping others, providing for future generations, and making contributions to better the environment.

I now understand that the ‘go with the flow’ euphemism means doing what you are naturally meant to do, even if it has its difficult moments.

Maybe having the faith, that if we put our best effort forward, all will turn out well ~ is what’s really important. We can go with the flow, even when our natural instincts move us in a direction that is temporarily difficult, yet ultimately beneficial for our self and others.

Thank you, salmon, for reminding me that sometimes when life feels like a struggle, it is still vital to continue onward ~ it just might be the spiritual push that is guiding our way to success. It may not always look easy, but when our heart is in the right place, much can be accomplished.

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