sun rising over smoke filled air

Breaking Through the Smoke ~ Hope For a Clear View

A red sun sizzles behind the smoke drifting over from the west coast wild fires. My husband and I travel a steep winding road high into the mountains. We stop along a cliff to take pictures and contemplate. The night before, when we first entered the east entrance of Yellowstone, we were met with acres upon acres of burned out forest. Cool air whisks over my face and heart. I begin to pray for a cleansing of our planet and the minds of humanity.

Throughout our stay, I notice how people would gather whenever a magnificent view or interesting animal would gift us with their presence. One time, the traffic jammed up due to the sighting of a grizzly bear. By the time we got to the spot, he was no bigger than a speck on the horizon. Yet people continued to stare. We are all hungry like the wolf ~ for a deeper connection to our nature friends, I laughed to myself.

Sometimes, an animal would appear out of nowhere as if to take pity on us. “Okay, I’ll just pose here, so you can admire me for a bit,” they seemed to say. Gratitude would well up within me, but sadness too. What have we done to cause so much destruction to your habitat?

A buffalo grazing at Yellowstone

A text message, from who knows who, showed up on my phone asking me what I thought was the most important political issue we are faced with at this time. I typed back, equality ~ we need to take care of each other. But, on further reflection, I wish I had said, environment protection, because if we don’t get that right, human concerns will be a moot point. The smoke of human greed must dissipate. Restoring the planet should be the number one priority.

As I stare in wonder at a magnificent waterfall, I say goodbye with tears in my eyes. It’s not likely I will ever visit again. Even though I travel and stay in a small energy efficient camper van, it still leaves a carbon footprint. If only Spirit would lift me to be in all the beautiful places I’ve yet to see. Teleportation is what I desire. Until then, I’ll pick my trips carefully and respectfully, and hold deep gratitude in my heart for wherever my Spirit inspires me to be. My plan is to let go of the need for the sensational, and enjoy the flowers in my own backyard for a while.

It’s obvious to me that humanity craves a deep connection with nature. With our indoor activities being shut down, the great outdoors is being seen and valued by more people. Let us choose to be as clean and energy conscious as possible. I look at the fires and storms I witness as an important warning. Returning home, it is still the creek, lake and woods that I already know, that brings me to the deeper places inside me.

May you be surrounded by peace and beauty wherever you go and wherever you are!

waterfall at yellowstone

On a separate note:

I highly recommend watching the documentary ~ The Social Dilemma. It recently came out on Netflix and has excellent information about the dangers of technology (especially social media platforms). It points to why we have become so manipulated and divided as a nation. Just one more good reason to put our phones down and enjoy what nature has to offer!

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