Waterfall below a cliff

Chasing Waterfalls ~ Better to Stick to Lakes You Know

I was looking for a bit of an adventure, so I went chasing waterfalls. Wisconsin has an abundance of them, and in spring they are truly spectacular. As I stood on the edge of a cliff, it was obvious to me how easy it would be to slip into the turmoil that raged below. Nature divas and angels were looking out for me. I decided to be very still. They whispered to be mindful of where I planted my feet when movement was called for.

We all know how the song by TLC goes. I couldn’t help but hum the words as I slowed down my thoughts and actions. Certainly, it was a time to let Spirit lead.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to
I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all
But I think you’re moving too fast

We tend to admire people who make it to the top in their pursuit of fame and fortune. Yet, how many times have we witnessed the demise of those who finally get there? Others seem to be placed at the right place, at the right time, and joyfully contribute their gifts when they arrive in the spot light. Their happiness does not seem to come at the price of burnout or compromised integrity.

If all time is happening now, as the quantum physicists would have us believe, then I think it is best to let our linear view of the time line unfold in mysterious and guided ways. That doesn’t mean we don’t have big dreams, we simply let what we know to be true to our soul path unfold. We realize that everyone’s gifts and contributions are valuable. We let go of any goal of being noticed in the limelight or granted a jet set lifestyle.

I recently watched a 100-year-old woman celebrate her birthday on the news. She was still working limited hours as a cashier. Love radiated from her luminous face as she proclaimed, “I may not have much, but I always seem to have enough.” I got the distinct feeling that her lovely presence was contributing much needed light to our world.

May we all stop chasing waterfalls that lead us to dangerous waters. May we listen to the rivers and the lakes that we’re used too, and allow guidance by the Divine realm to carry us to our place that is meant for us to be. May we give up our ego ways and not move too fast towards useless pursuits.

Surrender into what is and allow yourself to be inspired forward by mystical and heartfelt knowledge.

May gentle waterfalls of love and joy wash over you!

waterfall along the woods

Photo by Ed Augustin

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