Porcupine Messages ~ Understanding the Point of Body Symptoms

Our bodies are such wonderful communication devices. When we need a bit of prodding to understand that there may be issues that haven’t been resolved, the body may give us a symptom or two to capture our attention.

For me, I get a prickling sensation near my tail end that notifies me when I’m not at peace. First chakra issues are known for holding on to insecurity. So, just like a porcupine extending its quills as a warning, I know that it’s time to be aware of whatever fears are surfacing. My bristles are out and care is needed.

Porcupines are adorable and I know all creatures have something of value to teach us. I open the Akashic Records of Porcupine and ask what they would most like us to know.

‘Sometimes to remain sweet, it is good to let others know where the boundaries are. Over-stepping into someone else’s territory may get you hurt. Learn from the mistake and approach others with respect.’

‘Love has many appearances and expressions. I don’t cuddle with you to show love. Look deep in my eyes and love is there. It comes from the inside.’

‘It is wisdom to protect your underbelly from those who would exploit. Keeping some secrets hidden from those who would misuse the information is to master the art of discernment.’

‘Love is inside you. When you look to grab or force it from others ~ ouch! Be aware of the limits that outer forms of love have to offer. The highest love comes from the Creator of all.’

‘I am pure love and so are you! My body is useful for communication and learning purposes as is yours. We are all one in Spirit.’

I am thankful for these messages spiked through with love! Maybe some day, when there is no more fear within me, I’ll notice that the prickles no longer need to surface.

May we all experience ourselves as we were created to be ~ pure love!

Porcupine by flower with the message ~ Love comes from inside us.

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