16 Jul

I have lived in the same spot for so long that the only way to get me to travel down a new road is to bring the new road to me ~ ha!


(For the past several months there has been a new road being constructed on my street.)


If an option to move were to present itself to me in a too good to be true scenario, I would have to do some definite soul searching. But, the fact is, is that I fell in love at first sight with my little house nearly 38 years ago, and never really felt a need for any other. When the first offer my husband and I made to purchase her fell through, I was inconsolable. I just knew she was my house and refused to look at any other. After a few months of anxiety over the whole issue, the owners put it back on the market and we were able to make the deal!


If only I had had the sense to know that I could flow into the situation, as easily as the turning of the four seasons, without all the tears and fears of not getting what I wanted. Nature never opposes whatever is meant to be ~ be it blizzard or windstorm or a scorching sun drying up her grass. There is no resistance. There is no insistence on having things be a certain way either. There is only trust that things will turn out as best they shall be.


Just like my house, I am a lot older now. I’ve become much more comfortable not knowing how the future will end up. Is everything happening the way I want? No. But, if life is viewed as a series of set-ups for learning what we are destined to know, then I need not struggle to make outcomes be a certain way. I can relax and trust that if something is meant to be, then it will happen. I’m more prone to doing what I’m inspired to do and letting the results be what they are without all the fret and sweat.


New roads will open before me, but for now I’m content to be right where I am. If I sit still will the world reveal itself to me through calm eyes that are now more aware? Will new sights and sounds be revealed that take me to inner adventures? Could whatever is new, down the road, gratify me for long anyway? I sit in my wicker rocking chair on my porch and send love to the old bones of my house; grateful for the comfort she has provided me. Maybe the most important road is the one traveled vertically. I let a wave of meditational bliss flow to me.


A new road being constructed in front of an older home

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Written by Pen Augustin

Pen Augustin is author of Waves of Light and The Priestess Tale series. She is also founder of Lady of the Lake Holistic Health. Pen loves to give messages about how we can heal ourselves and bring balance to our beloved planet. Living near the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, she enjoys spending time in nature and communing with the local wildlife.

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