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Divided States in the United States ~ A Viral Response

Many holistic doctors, and leaders of the holistic approach to life, teach us that the body is a very accurate communicator of what goes on in our minds. When we bury our issues deep in the subconscious, a body symptom may develop to get our attention. Way back in 1984, Louise Hay, wrote her groundbreaking book, You Can Heal Your Life. Most body ailments have common threads, and she listed both the probable cause of most illnesses and the new thought patterns needed to heal them. (You can find the information in her index of ailments and diseases at the back of the book). Here is what she writes about infections: probable cause ~ irritation, anger, annoyance; new thought pattern ~ I choose to be peaceful and harmonious.

As a holistic health practitioner, I always look for the root cause of any physical illness or emotional disturbance someone may be experiencing. The goal is for the mind and body to find peace and balance. So, with a global pandemic taking place, I naturally look for root causes there too. CNN reported that by July the US had 25% of the world’s corona virus cases, though we only make up 4% of the world’s population. That number is growing and the US not only has the most confirmed cases, we also have the most deaths.

This is a dramatic wake-up call for our country to live up to its name! Economic, racial, gender, healthcare, and educational discrepancies have been going on for far too long. Due to technology, it’s all being blatantly exposed more than ever before, and people are angry. It doesn’t help that both political parties are using the health crises to divide us even further. What should be a joining together to take care of everyone has turned ugly. Even talk show hosts promote hostility by calling our politicians names and telling other’s who don’t share their views that they are stupid.

People may feel that using their anger helps get things accomplished, but they do not understand the connection between mind and body, and what really heals us. Maybe it’s because our western medical community and the scientists who try to come up with solutions are only looking at the surface of the problem, and the holistic point of view is not in the mainstream consciousness yet. Maybe it’s because people love the feeling of self-righteousness and the false sense of control it gives them. Maybe it’s because letting go of anger is difficult for most of us to accomplish.

Here are some of my recommendations:

Do not project anger at people who do or do not wear masks according to what their beliefs are. Hurling angry words at people while wearing a mask (or not) does more to spread the virus than you may realize. Instead, kindly ask people to honor what you need to do to feel safe, and walk away if they don’t respond likewise. Set good boundaries, but allow others to have opinions that differ from your own.

When you witness unjust circumstances in the world, know that, unleashing toxic thoughts from the ego mind only creates more defensiveness and division. Instead, get out of your head and into your heart. Let compassion inspire you to take actions that benefit everyone. Be courageous and loving. We might not all have the fortitude of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but voices used to inspire others to take positive actions have powerful effects.

Breathe in lots of fresh air where it is safe to do so. Mother Nature is wise and will bathe you in vitamin rich sunshine, refresh you with her pure waters, and sustain you with plenty of nourishing food from her garden. Let yourself feel the vibrant energy!

Trust in the wisdom of your body and your immune system. Remember that even if you’re exposed to a virus, it does not mean you will get sick and/or die, and it may help you in developing healthy immune responses to future exposure. If you do become ill, know that sometimes a more all-knowing part of yourself (aka Spirit) will use sick time as a way of slowing you down so you can become more aware of patterns that are needed to be released within. Let any illness bring you to a place of reflection and self-care. A sacred time of letting go may be at hand.

Know that the Earth has other species to care for too. If humans do not find a way to let go of toxic anger, care for all people, and protect other forms of life ~ we may not be wanted here. Then again, maybe there are much better places to be. Love is all that is important. Love is the most powerful medicine in the world. Love is the solution to all problems. To love all is to be healthy.

One final recommendation to help heal our country

Whether you consider yourself to be a Democrat or a Republican, please vote for Joe Biden in November. I don’t usually get political in my newsletters and blogs, but I believe this is an important step in helping people to let go of some anger. I have compassion for President Trump, as I do for all human beings, but I have witnessed his behavior as the most divisive leadership I have ever known, which is directly related to why the US is in such a state of crises. My opinion is that all Americans should be allowed to have food, shelter, and healthcare, educational and economic opportunities equally. We need to take care of each other. We need a United State of Being.

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