Pen standing in flowers with woods in the background

The Witch is Out of the Woods ~ Honoring Our Feminine Gifts

We know the scene well ~ the town’s people sneak away in the middle of the night to visit the witch deep in the forest. She welcomes and blesses all with her words of wisdom or prophecy. Perhaps she places a small bag of herbs into the palm of the one looking for healing, for hope. If things go awry, harassment or persecution is her fate.

We all have an inner-witch; a deep knowing within us of what to do that is most healthy for our well-being. This part of our feminine energy has been downplayed for eons, as the ‘doing’ or masculine energy was thought to be more important. The dominant patriarchy feared losing power if people were to follow their own guidance, so many people disowned their ability to use intuition, some even feared it as being evil.

Though women in general are still striving for equal treatment, we have come a long way toward seeing value in the feminine traits we all carry inside ~ the ability to be still and listen, to feel empathy, to nurture, and to transmit healing waves of love. This is what is needed now to transform our world. When we come from a place of inner knowing, then the actions we proceed to take are more effective than brute force could ever be.

Our world is changing. Our values are changing. We are stepping forward to take care of each other in the midst of chaos. We are choosing females to enter into influential positions so that balance and grace transform old institutions. We are striving to protect and purify our bountiful environment. We understand that nature is our profound healing source. We are respecting our body wisdom and allowing natural food sources to revive us with life-force energy. We are seeking quiet places within and all around us to access our true spiritual self.

May nature devas and fairies bless you as you venture out into the sacred woods.
May the animals and birds give you signs that point to the answers you are seeking.
May you find a beautiful lake to discuss your problems with, and may she wash them away.
May your guides and angels whisper in your ear of paths that lead you to an inspired life.
May you find the stillness in your heart that speaks to you of your inner beauty and worth.

May you venture forth and bless all others with your witchy ways!

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