Shadow figure of a boy and girl holding hands and looking to the sky

Love Is ~ The ever-present search for Presence

I have traveled very far
To find the love 
Beckoning from the
 One bright star.

A light of inspiration
 Surely should be used 
As my beacon
For it led many of wise ones
To the stable of innocence
They were seeking

Yet a babe is born again and again
Though boy or girl clothes 
She may be playing in
Her skin as pale as the moon
Or the richness of a panther’s costume 
For fun, the color of pink macaroons

To recognize all born in this world
As the Christ child within 
Is to know the Presence 
That is truly without sin

Wisdom and innocence
Go hand in hand
To find love hidden
We must understand
It is not possible
 To have one without the other
A set-up from 
Divine Father and our Mother

Love is to be found
Presence of light within 
 It’s hidden in the spark 
Of life from which 
We ALL begin

A boy and a girl holding hands, looking at the setting sun. Love is.

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