Sun reflecting over water with beautiful autumn foliage

A Perfect Reflection ~ As We Change Our Inner Focus, the World Transforms

My frustration was humming along under my skin and coming through my paintbrush. It has been many years since I oil painted and I thought I could just let it flow, but what I was creating was turning into an ugly mess.

This was all happening synchronistically as I was participating in beautiful daily meditations given to us at Patricia Cota-Robles 34th Annual Conference on Illumination ( The weeklong event is taking place virtually due to Covid, so I gifted myself with time off to participate, reflect and be creative.

Patricia’s message has always been, and continues to be, that we are all perfect divine beings of love. Our mission is to remove all blocks to the awareness of our true nature. This is the inner purpose of our lives and it is the same for all people. It takes awareness, practice, and a whole lot of patience to excavate all the false beliefs we carry buried deep within. When we release our judgments, fears, unforgiveness, and anything else that is not love, then our outer purpose (which is a unique expression of our creative life force) comes about naturally.

Can you imagine a world where everyone released their blocks to the presence of love and was then able to give their sublime best thoughts and actions to each other? Heaven on Earth is here for us all!

So, I’ll keep scraping away at my painting, letting go of what it is I don’t like. I enjoyed my second draft better ~ the sun became bigger and the clouds less dark. But, I took paint thinner to it once again, as I know that there is a more beautiful image yet to be revealed.

My easel is set up in my office space where I have the most room, and has good light coming through the windows in the morning ~ the time of day I most like to paint. Clients can easily see what I’m up to. I laugh at myself for worrying that someone might look at the flaws and judge me for not being good enough. So, I decided not to rush my process due to fear. I’ll keep that painting up until I’m happy with the result no matter who sees it (even if it takes a lifetime ~ ha). After all, it’s when criticism comes, whether from within me or given by others, that I most have the opportunity to put my unconditional love into practice.

During this global time out we have been given, a lot of us have the opportunity to know ourselves on a deeper level. Fear and chaos seems to be at an all time high for many, but with it comes the opportunity to change everything. What thoughts and patterns can we remove within us that are blocking our beautiful light? As we release our inner turmoil, our outer reflections will become a unique (and much needed) contribution to our troubled planet.

We are now in the fifth dimensional Age of Aquarius, a time for us all to come together and take care of one another! Remember, we are perfection in this moment. All we need do is uncover it. Let’s shine our magnificent light that lies within each of us. Let’s reflect our light on all others regardless of where they are on this journey. Let’s end all human suffering. Together we heal the world and all life!

Reflection of mountain in lake

Photos by Ed Augustin

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