Two Eagles sitting in a tree

Bird’s-Eye View ~ A Higher Perspective

My husband, Ed, and I drive slowly along Lake Michigan. We love taking the back roads to run our errands because, usually, a community of turkeys can be watched picking through the snow in the mowed cornfields. They did not disappoint and seem to be enjoying their lunch.

Ed points up to the sky, and three hawks soar over our heads, giving me a jolt of happiness. In numerology, the number three symbolizes joy and creativity, so I feel triply blessed. Then he pulls over to the side of the road and my heart expands even more as two eagles sit side by side in the nearby tree. Wow, bird world is really calling to us today, I think to myself.

I often meditate before falling asleep at night, and, I kid you not, an owl starts serenading me right outside my window on this very same day! Bird world is definitely grabbing my attention!

Birds are often associated with spirit world, so I know that I need to listen to what is trying to be communicated. Images start appearing to me. Some are of people well known to me and others are of those I do not know. I send love to all.

My father appears, lying in a hospital bed, so clearly in the last phase of his life, and he rages on. I do not judge, for I do not have a bird’s eye view of his total story. Bits and pieces of painful instances surface, some that actually happened to him and others that took place only in a mind that tries to cope with out-of-control thoughts. I encourage him to move through the pain to higher ground, and beings of love surround him. A flash of his younger self appears ~ so handsome, athletic, and full of the humor he would often display to inspire others to have some fun! I decide that it is this illuminated image of him that I will hold in my mind and heart forever. Whatever time he has left here, may peace be with him.

When the images of people fade from my awareness, I ask bird/spirit world what else they would like me to do or know.

Here are some of their messages:

To set oneself free, choose peace over grievances. This is the true meaning of forgiveness.

Express your point of view but do not defend it, as you do not have the bird’s eye view of all knowingness.

Feelings are not the enemy. They serve as the signal to where our thoughts are. Bring your thoughts to higher ground.

Fly high into the arms of our creator. We will all flock together there and be at peace.

Let me not forget your messages my dear bird friends. I am grateful, I am grateful, I am forever grateful.

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