Our walk through life is not always an easy journey. Sometimes it is wise to seek assistance on our path to balance and fulfillment. Pen would love to aid you with any concerns you may be having whether it involves relationships, career, emotional stress, physical health, or finding a deeper purpose in life.  


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Professional Counseling

Everyone has an unique life journey that has led them to present day circumstance. Talking about where you have been, where you are today, and where you would like to be headed helps clear perceptions and bring greater balance. Perhaps it’s time to make changes to the messages you give yourself, release emotional stress, or change habits that no longer work for you. In depth exploration can bring clarity, and lead you to new paths in life.


This form of deep relaxation allows us to explore issues at the sub-conscious level. This gets to the actual source of the problem where emotions can be released and clarity obtained. Inner child healing work is also beneficial at this level. Addictions such as smoking and over eating may be over come by utilizing the power of your sub-conscious mind.

Energy Healing

BodyTalk, Reiki, Lumarian Healing, Healing Touch. Bringing in higher vibration energy levels, while being guided by Beings of Love and Light, can aid in ridding the body of denser energy known most commonly as stress. This can be a hands on or off treatment that enhances balance and vitality, while promoting self-healing of the body. Other benefits may include pain reduction, increased relaxation, release of anxiety or other emotional blockages, and enhancement of spiritual development. It is also an excellent aid in the preparation for and follow-up after medical treatments and procedures.

Akashic Record

The Akashic Records is known as the book of life that contains information about our soul’s journey through time. This information can be accessed via a pathway prayer. If you have questions about your life path, or are seeking insight into various aspects of your life such as relationships, career talents, or any life challenges; it may be very helpful to see things from your soul’s perspective of wholeness and wellness.

Pen is also available to teach Reiki classes and host retreats using guided imagery meditations. Please contact Pen if you wish to have an event scheduled in your area.

 Please contact Pen, before you make your purchase, to set up your appointment.


Individual Session

Purchase a fifty minute in-person appointment for $95 ~


Distance Session

Purchase a fifty minute distance session for $125 ~

Retreats and Classes

To pay for various fees (classes, retreats, etc) please use the donate button to type in the amount



LEGAL ISSUES: Please be informed that an energy work session is in no way a replacement for medical treatments you may be currently undergoing, or medication you may be taking. If over time, your condition improves and you no longer feel the need for medical care, you should consult with your physician.

Lady of the Lake Holistic Health
Lady of the Lake Holistic Health