When Water Meets Sky ~ Heaven on Earth is Rendered

Our emotions, long associated with the water element, spot light where our thoughts are treading. Pause, allow a healthy emotional expression, and let the under current of thoughts surface fully. Any beliefs that are not of peace is what must be surrendered to sky ~ to something bigger than our little ego self ~ to Spirit.

When enough people are willing to go through the painstaking process of dissolving ego (our unhappy shadow self), a heaven on earth experience for us all is the effect.

The spiritual path I’ve been following for decades is based on the teachings in the book, A Course in Miracles. It shows us how to undo fear-based duality within ourselves so that we can wake-up to our natural state of love. When we live from this truth we become of greater service to others. This world is the illusion, but in order to be in heaven we must first make earth a peaceful dream for all. In other words, we can’t get there without all our brothers and sisters.

One of the criticisms I’ve heard about A Course in Miracles, is that it doesn’t really help with all the horrible situations that take place throughout the world. Sort of like ~ Course students sit around on the beach drinking wine, while being in denial of all the injustices that happen all around them. Their mentality is, “Ah well, it’s not real anyway.” And so they do nothing productive.

Forgiveness of what appears to be injustices is a huge part of the Course. So, maybe sitting on that beach for a while releasing our woes into a great big body of water is helpful on a personal level ~ maybe even an essential first step.

But, the Course leads us beyond that. Once fear is dissolved within us, we can then be the one who is most helpful to others. We can be guided as to where our personal gifts can be used to do our part in healing this illusion. Coming from a non-dualistic, compassionate place within, gives us the power to make our best contributions to all.

We do our part best by having the willingness to let go of our ego. This is paramount to inner happiness. Then you never know where you may be led to use your gifts to benefit others. Heaven must become a place on earth for all. From there, waking up to our real heavenly existence will be as easy as water merging into sky.

Image of sunset over a lake.

Photo by Edward Augustin

On earth as it is in heaven!
En la tierra como en el cielo!

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