Catalina mountains with water fall. Message of many gifts serve one purpose

One Purpose ~ Many Gifts: How to Accomplish Your Unique Soul Contribution

Often a client will ask me what I think their life purpose is. Always I smile, because I know for sure what the answer is ~ to love and be loved!

And yet, I also realize that the deeper question they’re asking is; how can I make a contribution in this world by knowing and utilizing my gifts?

A snowflake consists of all the same elements, but each has its unique crystalline pattern. We too are all made of the same god-stuff, but are designed to sparkle in different ways.

I recently returned from the enlightening 33rd Annual World Congress on Illumination in Tucson, Arizona. Patricia Cota-Robles has been uplifting us with her consistent messages on awakening our planet to higher levels of consciousness for decades. She states that we have just entered into the shift of the ages where every man, woman and child has the opportunity to unblock their special gifts as we co-create Heaven on Earth. (For more info visit: Era of Peace)

Here are some of the highlights that stood out for me at the congress:

***There were seven mountain ranges encircling us. The Catalina mountain range was closest, but the other six have names that begin with letters which when combined spell the name ~ CHRIST. It is time for the return of the Christ Consciousness ~ the remembering of who we really are as divine beings of love.

***During this auspicious time, Divine Beings of Light assisted us in removing any negative influences from any solar system that have been negatively affecting our planet. Recalcitrant souls that are still incarnated here, who are causing destruction and refuse to use their free will choice to come from love, will not be allowed to return here once they physically leave our world. (Don’t worry ~ they will be surrounded by love and taken to places of rehabilitation in the light.)

***The Divine Feminine form of God (which is love) has now returned and taken the rightful place beside the Divine Masculine form of God (which is power) to create the needed balance here.

***America will be leading the way. The very name is synonymous with the ‘AUM’ or ‘OM’ sound which is known as the sacred sound of the universe. I couldn’t help but think of the democratic debate where 20 political visionaries expounded their ideas for uniting our country to make it a place where all people are taken care of. How great it would be if they each took their unique position to help in areas where they hold expertise. Whether it is in education, military, healthcare, environmental, spiritual, or economic areas ~ they know what needs to be done. And the world is watching.

***The musicians and vocalists, who entertained and uplifted us, in between our intense group meditations, demonstrated the snowflake effect. There were singers of Celtic/Irish, Japanese/Hawaiian, Opera/traditional backgrounds; and even an accomplished violinist. There was a moment when they all got on stage and intuitively played together to shower us all in joy. And they never could have pulled it off without the skills of the sound and lighting crew. They all used their unique talents in a unified show of love and oneness! (In fact, the whole event would not have occurred in such a blessed way without the excellent care given by the housekeeping staff, talented vegetarian chefs, meticulous ground keepers . . . you see where I’m going with this.)

***Mystical weather enhanced our experiences as if Mother Nature herself was honoring us for our divine intention to heal the planet and all who live here. On the day we arrived, a gentle all day rain purified our souls ~ very rare in a desert climate. Toward the end of our stay, two rainbows appeared in the sky on bright sun shiny days. For me, it was confirmation that new higher frequencies of energy are here now. A sign of hope!

Don’t worry about your purpose. As you unblock your gifts, your divine purpose of spreading love will be fulfilled very uniquely. How to unlock your gifts? Be your natural, authentic self who is determined to come only from a place of love! This is not a riddle ~ it is truth!

You know who you are. You know what you are doing when you feel at peace. You know how you feel when your actions bring love to others.

Do not let fear block . . . your creative expression, your helping hands that bandage a wound or fix a car, your willingness to give a heartfelt compliment to both strangers and those you know, your making of a delicious soufflé, your words of encouragement to a struggling child, your inspiration to teach a class filled with diverse students, your invention that makes life easier for others, your warm smile and comforting arms for the ones who are grieving . . . the list of gifts are as endless as the stars in the sky.

One person’s gifts are not less important or more beneficial than anyone else’s. Every person’s gifts are needed right now. Together we can witness and contribute to the shift of the ages ~ Heaven on Earth!

Catalina mountains with water fall. Message of many gifts serve one purpose

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