Aurora borealis overlooking Lake Superior in Copper Harbor, Michigan

Sacred Healing Waters ~ A Mission to Purify Our World

Laden with algae, the creek looks a bit murky, but I swirl my hands in it anyway, in order to mix in some holy water. Children giggle as they hop across the rocks to reach the outer bank. Their mothers glance my way with a question in their eyes, but say nothing. I assume they are listening to the activation prayer playing from a recording on my phone.

The concoction I added to the creek comes from a sacred blend of healing waters gathered from all around the world. Some are from well-known places such as Medjugorje in Bosnia, the Nile River in Egypt, Stonehenge in England, Fatima in Portugal, Oak Creek in Sedona; but there are dozens more contributed from lesser-known holy sites that also were added in.

Water comprises over 80% of our bodies and the body of Mother Earth. When we charge our water with purifying energy we bring healing to all.

Next I make my way to my beloved Lake Michigan. The north beach is gone due to global warming effects. Her gentle waves lap right up against the rocks and soil lining the bluff in my hometown. I make my way along the shore until I find a spot to make my contribution. I deposit my sample, stoop to caress the water, and then begin my prayer activation. A giant wave splashes up my legs and fills my navy colored rubber boots that have bright yellow flowers on them. I laugh out loud knowing the lake is playing with me, and perhaps gifting me with some of her essence to bring home. Violet hues of glittering light gleam across her surface and I know a transformation is taking place. I am joyfully grateful.

My plan is to spread healing water to every lake, river, stream and ocean that crosses my path. I want to seek out the natural places of beauty throughout the country for both enjoyment and to help with the purification our world desperately needs. With my husband soon to retire, we purchased a small, energy efficient camper van. I named our van, Isis (after the Egyptian Goddess ~ not the terrorist group), as I wanted powerful priestess energy to accompany me on my mission.

To celebrate our anniversary, my husband and I travel to the upper tip of Michigan lovingly known as the UP (upper peninsula of Wisconsin ~ because it looks like an extension of Wisconsin). Copper Harbor greets us with brisk winds and stunning views of Lake Superior decked out in deep hues of blue. I find a little spot on the shore that has a fallen log to sit upon as I do my ritual. Once again, I end up getting christened as her frisky waters soak through my breeches. Softness fills my heart and soul. I found out later that on that same night a beautiful aurora borealis lit up the sky over the lake!

With all the catastrophic global events happening, it’s important to stay positive. Envision a pristine world where all life forms are healthy and nurtured! If you feel called to join in on this quest, HERE is where you can get more information and some of the healing water. If you live close to Port Washington, Wisconsin and would like me to give you a starter sample, please stop by!

Copper Harbor, Michigan

August 30th, 2019

Image of aurora borealis overlooking Lake Superior ~ Copper Harbor, Michigan.

Photo by George C. Bailey

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