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Saying Goodbye to My Best Friend ~ Grieving With Love

I still remember the first time I saw Ambriel. My chocolate Labrador had needed to see the vet at the same time my daughter, Angela, was grieving the loss of her nine year-old ferret. The vet mentioned that they were looking for a good home for a kitten that had been abandoned under a porch. As she went into the back room to get that little honey, I told myself that if the kitten happened to be a black female (my daughter’s favorite kind of cat) then I would consider adopting her for Angela.

The sweetest little black face peered up at me with wide, glowing amber eyes. There was a tuft of white fur near her heart, which the vet pointed out. “She has a full moon on her chest,” she said laughingly. Well, Angela had always been fascinated by the moon, so that really sealed the deal.

Ambriel has always lived with my husband and I. When she was two years old, Angela moved to an apartment that did not allow cats. Ambriel and I grieved together as my daughter headed to the desert sun in Arizona.

Over the years, Ambriel and my other cat, Porter (who is two years younger), formed a writer’s group on my family room couch. Many days we would snuggle up with coffee and blankets, and ponder life together while watching all sorts of intriguing weather from the picture windows. In fact, both cats contributed to my book, Waves of Light ~ Messages From Nature to Heal Our Planet.

Here is some of what Ambriel had to say ~ taken from an excerpt from the book

In the quiet, all is known. Meditation practices are essential to bring in knowledge, restoration, and to travel to places of Spirit. It may appear that we take a lot of catnaps, but we are attuned with so much more. Listen as if someone were about to tell you a most precious secret ~ this will take you to deep places of stillness where all is known. Shake off the false and enjoy a good life of love and service. Cat sees all with sacred eyes. Trust that love is the most powerful energy in the universe and let all else fall away.

Sadly, as Ambriel approached 19 years old, her body became very frail. Once a robust nature lover, towards the end, she would only venture outside for a short time. I would stand by her side as she roamed the yard to smell the flowers. No words were needed; only the present moment time spent together mattered.

Last Thursday, she passed peacefully as she rested on my chest, nestled in a blanket on our favorite couch spot. We were heart to heart as the vet assisted her departure. The love was intense and so is my grief.

I will forever miss my feline friend. After all, like all best friends, she listened to all my secrets, told no one, comforted me during some of my darkest days, and brought joy and fun to my life.

When I gaze up to the night sky, especially when the moon is full, I will think of Ambriel and send her my love always. I expect her to visit soon, and I hope to feel her presence near my pillow at night. After all, I’m sure she has more wisdom to share.

Author holding Ambriel cat as a baby
My new baby!
Ambriel cat cuddling with her blanket
Let’s cuddle
Ambriel cat having coffee with Mom
Cats and coffee ~ life is good!
Ambriel cat on couch with blanket
I’m a good listener
Ambriel cat napping with mom and Porter cat
Catnapping with Ambriel & Porter
Ambriel cat in soft blanket in her last days
Last days

If you would like to hear more messages from animals and other forms of nature, please check out my book, Waves of Light ~ Messages From Nature to Heal Our Planet.

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