golden sunrise over lake

Breath of Peace ~ A Poem of Power

When the storm clears the forest, there is a chance
Before the devas swirl up their celebratory dance
While the bees, who know more than any, of work to be done
Decide to silence their happy humble buzz
Wide-eyed owls stand ready in the shaded shrubs
Watch the creek pause one heart beat, with gathered sticks and mud
To be carried to large-bodied mothers possessed with pure love

Air beckons us wait, one moment of pause
For reverence and for guidance of heaven’s divine laws
More than survival, a time has come
To surrender our old wounds, unity has begun
Where man is awakened to what fauna already knew
Take care of each other with honored grace, as it is overdue
Blissful new order of healing with trust will now be done

There shall be no shouting of hate, no call for backlash
Known to do so, invites vicious cycles of attack
The eagle perched high sees the wide and the far
Notice the holding of twinkle even from the stars
As we take the power breath in stillness so strong
Spirit fills in the space with memory to which we all belong
Sweet fate created a shared destined love song ~ it is ours

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