Sun rising over lake and lighthouse

A New Year ~ Prayers For All

As the sun rises on the new year, I pray that everyone feels very loved, nurtured and well taken care of. I know that we must choose this for ourselves over and over and over again.

It doesn’t always seem so easy. Nurturing our bodies with healthy food and exercise is big on a lot of people’s resolution lists. But, I’m also talking about making nurturing choices about our relationships, careers, and fun time activities. When we take excellent care of ourselves, all others benefit, and the positive vibrations heal our world.

My intention is to choose love over fear constantly. I want to see with my inner eye all that is holy within everyone, no matter how they are behaving or what words they’re choosing to say. I know it’s a tall order, but at this point in my life, I believe it’s the only way to help others and our world to thrive. Judgment and conflict only spreads hatred, and we can no longer survive in a world based on that fear.

I hope to remember to ask myself this question whenever I lose my sense of peace; What is the most loving thing I can say or do in this moment?

I realize it may entail silently sending someone a blessing, saying no to a harmful request, or being generous with praise or an offer. When peace abides in me, I am able to let Spirit work through me. I know I don’t have to figure it out on my own. Miracles take place when we are willing to set aside our differences and come from a place of pure love.

Here is my New Year’s wish for all:

May you take good care of yourself with loving-kindness.
May you let go of all past grievances and dramas that have affected your life.
May you know how very holy and powerful your love is.
May you spread your blessings to all of humanity, the nature kingdom, planet, sun, moon, stars and beyond.

Every Day ~ A New Day

A poem inspired by the question:
What if our only job was to love all of life, all the time?

The kitten’s playful paw touches my lips at night
Assuring my heart she’s here and is very much alright
And when her old amber eyes soulfully gleam my way
It is still the bond of love so deep; I know it’s here to stay

I gazed upon the mountaintop laid bare by sunshine’s kiss
A blanket of snow comes once again to restore what was amiss
The brook bubbles clean and clear knowing where to flow
Provide the sustenance to fauna and fish of golden minerals

No hunger persists in little tummies; emerald leaves provide a meal
Cries of injustice forever stifled by humanity’s willingness to heal
Nature’s timeout is over and no one rushes to be as they were before
Found easy existence of love the only goal worthy to explore

God’s hand now works through our very own smoothing jagged roads
We survived, joined heart to heart, in ways glorious to behold
Come lay your head upon my chest and stay here for a while
Miracles unfold the best when known we are one child

Cry tears of joy, there’s no more fear, revelation shows us more
One mistake in time, never meant to come through our door
A moment forgiven instantly, liberated us from the wheel
Returned us back to sanity, now love is the only thing we feel

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