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End of Times ~ Beginning of Timeless; Aspirations for a New Year

On New Year’s Eve, 34 years ago, I didn’t make a list of New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I put out a blanket statement ~ “I just want to be a better person.”

Someone was listening. A series of events led me to discover my spiritual path. They say when the student is ready; the teacher will appear. Mine came in the form of a book: A Course in Miracles (ACIM).

ACIM is a poetic book that contains spiritual truths and a step-by-step path to follow that leads to undoing our ego based thoughts. It came about when a psychologist, who also wanted to find a better way to live in this world, began to hear the voice of Jesus in her mind instructing her to write the words then given.

When I first read it, I didn’t understand a lot of what it was trying to teach me. But, the words were so beautiful that I often would read a few paragraphs, and then cradle the book in my arms with tears of joy streaming down my face. I intuitively knew that the truth of our existence was being given to us, so I set out to follow the teachings.

As the daily lessons flow, forgiveness is at the core, because ultimately only love is real. We are all one, and to judge someone is to judge ourselves. But, oh my, how the ego does not want to be ignored! To this day, I catch my ego trying to use condemnation as a mode of reacting to other’s, or my own, bad behavior. When I surrender those rancid thoughts to the Holy Spirit, as taught in ACIM; then witnessing bad behavior becomes an observation of someone’s deeper call to be loved. The Holy Spirit then assists me in choosing the right thoughts, words or deeds to correct the situation so that peace ensues.

So I am, once again, not going to make a bunch of projected goals for future endeavors a part of my New Year’s resolution. Instead, I’m getting in touch with judgments that I’m going to leave behind, and I am asking Spirit to turn those thoughts into blessings of love for everyone. I’m asking to be a better person by knowing that the timeless Spirit within me is present and will take over my mind whenever I call for help. From there the future is very bright.

Here are some observations that I am determined to view with love in 2021

~ To those I see who get caught up in excessive political views and feel the need to rant on social media; I invoke Spirit to remove the ego’s need to be right at the cost of our own happiness. May we, instead, be surrounded in a warm blanket of harmony!

~ To those I see who angrily spew strict guidelines for health and safety onto others; I invoke Spirit to help us know that all true health stems from peaceful thoughts and loving actions. May Spirit show me what is wise for the care of my own body and lifestyle, and give me the courage to act accordingly, while blessing others who may make different choices based on their own views and needs.

~ To those I see who obsess over doomsday conspiracy theories; may Spirit remove all fear, and inspire us toward whatever behaviors are needed to reform our world into a caring, sustainable place for us all to live joyfully. May I be guided to do whatever my piece of the puzzle is to create Heaven on Earth.

Remember, we have been loved and cared for all along; everything is going to be all right. Surrender ego and let Spirit lead the way!

Happy New Year!!!

A Course in Miracles

“The past is gone and I am free ~ for I am still as God created me.”

“My future is in the hands of God.”

To order the book, A Course in Miracles, it is best to buy it from the Foundation of Inner Peace. This ensures the original producers of the book will be giving you the right copy.

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