Sunlit snow in Bryce Canyon

Travel Risk ~ Live Your Dreams *and* Play It Safe

Climb that mountain? Some say it is foolhardy. Others tell you to live life with gusto. What does your inner voice say? Is the timing right? Have you worked through fears that have limited the scope of what you have been dreaming about doing for eons?

When my 2020 astrological forecast (a chart that I have compiled for me almost every year) told me that from January 27th through February 6th Jupiter trine Mars was an auspicious time for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, I felt it was all the confirmation I needed to visit the places that I felt had been calling to me! This type of transit produces abundant energy and courage. But, it can sometimes cause unnecessary risk taking.

Many people warned me that going to Utah’s spectacular national parks in the winter was dangerous. But, I got an intuitive urge that the timing was perfect. Plus, I so love being able to surround myself in natural beauty without the crowds that are present during the mild seasons, that I planned the trip anyway.

I kept a sharp eye on my weather bug app to see if any inclement weather was being predicted. We had other people and places to visit too and I knew that if a weather threat came our way, my husband, Ed, and I would postpone our endeavor by choosing alternate plans. However, we were gifted with 13 out of 14 days of mild winter temperatures and sunshine! I’ll tell you what happened on day 14 in a bit. But, first I want to say that Mount Zion, Bryce Canyon and the Arches national parks are where Mother Nature has exhibited landscape brilliance on all levels!

I also noticed that a lot of young people were camping in little tents or even sleeping in their cars! They were not about to let budget problems stop them from experiencing the glorious terrain. One woman, who camped across from us from her car, sought out a friendship with a family who had a full size camper next to her site. How smart, I thought, to limit her risks of being bothered by anyone with ill intent, by bonding with people who made her feel safe!

Okay, here is where overconfidence and not listening to intuition comes into the story. High on the success of traveling and hiking in the mountains with blessings from the sun gods, we barely paid attention to the weather warnings that showed up to make our journey home.

We left the Arches in our little camper van early in the morning on February 8th, to make our way via the quickest route home through Colorado. Ed casually mentioned that snow warnings showed up on his app showing that Denver could be a potential problem. I unconvincingly suggested we drive south to go around it, but knew it would add about three extra hours of travel time. Plus, we are from Wisconsin ~ north woods tough and blizzard savvy, right?

A couple of hours before we would have arrived in Denver, the snow began to fall hard. Google maps pointed to a quicker route and we assumed I70, the major highway, was full of accidents, so we followed the apps suggestion. I began to feel so nervous by then that even if my intuition had been shouting at me, I doubt I could have listened.

What happened next, was a wild whiteout ride through steep mountain terrain. If not for following in the tracks of a semi in front of us, I don’t think we would have been able to see where to go. Ed was tense, but stayed focused. I breathed deep and called upon angels to protect us. By the time we made it back to I70, they had shut down the highway in both directions for the rest of the day and night due to an avalanche threat.

Finding ourselves in a small community, we stopped at a cute restaurant/bar that had just started serving happy hour. With wine and appetizers in my tummy, I was able to let out uncontained laughter to release all the pent up stress. That night, we camped right in the restaurant parking lot and no one disturbed us. The next morning I was awakened at 5:30 am with an intuitive hit that we should leave. The highway had just opened and we beat the massive traffic jam (that we witnessed coming from the other direction) as we entered Denver.

What an adventure! I really learned the importance of following intuition to let my travel dreams unfold. I also learned how easy it is to let slip taking practical measures to ensure safety. My recommendation is ~ follow your intuition to live out your fun dreams, and, always be practical when you are given known information to avoid unnecessary risk! Happy travels everyone!

Nature’s Art

Mount Zion in the sun
Mount Zion at Sunset
Thor's Hammer ~ Bryce Canyon
Thor’s Hammer ~ Bryce
Sunrise at Arches National Park
Sunrise at the Arches
Creek flowing through Zion Mountains
A creek runs through hiking paths
Bryce Canyon with a bit of snow
Bryce Canyon
Stones that look like a group of people at Arches Park
Sandstone People at Arches
Camper van at sunset in Mt Zion

Photos by Ed Augustin

May all your travels be safe and filled with Mother Nature’s abundant blessings!

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