City of Luxembourg

We Are Family ~ A Matrix of Connection is Felt in the Heart

Twenty-nine Augustins from three generations all gathered in Luxembourg a few weeks ago. Some of us were connected by marriage, but twenty-four were from the multigenerational lineage of great-great-grandmother, Magdalena. Due to the timing of her being born in Luxembourg before settling in Wisconsin, it enabled a rare opportunity for her future family members to obtain dual-citizenship.

Though I am not related by blood to the Augustins, my offspring are. It warms my heart to know that future generations will be able to connect to their roots in such an amazing place. My husband and I traveled to four other countries in Europe, experiencing magical castles and other beautiful, ancient places where people gathered for government and religious purposes. But Luxembourg was, surprisingly, my favorite. The real pull behind that, I believe, is that it was because it is the place where the family gathered. The sense of good will and celebration was palpable for all.

Luxembourg had an easygoing essence about it. The central square was charming and the outskirts held incredible views. It felt to me as though it were a place where the drama of life was left behind. The only tense moment I experienced was when I tried to stop the woman at McDonald’s, who was getting my coffee, from making me a small cup. When she held up her hand stop-sign style and said a sharp word to me in French, I knew to be quiet. (Yes, I admit I still wanted my American coffee in the morning ~ the bigger the better). I smiled when she handed me the small cup and I made a gesture to indicate I needed a larger one. She softened and complied. After that, I sent her love, love, love with every sip. After all, she is part of my human family, as are we all. Who knows, in some twist of fate, she may even be a distant cousin to my children!

I know that the connections that we make with someone may be only for a moment and it’s important to treat each other as if we are family. This is how good will is spread throughout the globe. I feel doubly blessed by those bonds we make for a lifetime. Triply blessed for those relations that came before us and paved our way even though they may now reside beyond the veil.

Wherever the web of life takes us ~ may we all be welcome as family!

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