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Waves of Light : Messages from Nature to Heal our Planet

Waves of Light : Messages from Nature to Heal our Planet

All of life flows in beautiful waves of light connecting us to our Creator. Messages from our cohabitants on this planet~those in non-human form~can ease our path to peace within ourselves and inspire harmony among us all, bringing healing to our planet.

Waves of Light takes readers on a beautiful journey of environmental awareness throughout the 2014 year while displaying the four seasons near Lake Michigan. As Pen walks along the wooded path near her home, she connects with the nature companions who live there. Lake, moon, deer, birch tree, and many others give important messages about what they are experiencing. They have wisdom to share that helps us understand how to reach a state of health, balance, and unity here.

Pen has been a practitioner in the healing arts for over three decades. She wrote this book because she cares deeply about the health of our planet and all who live here. Her deepest hope is that this book entertains, informs, and inspires you to participate in the joyful service most suited to your own gifts and life situation.

Pen shares personal stories of awareness as she reveals bits of her own and others’ healing journeys. Peace of mind and joy of heart are everyone’s birthright. Humanity’s awakening will usher in paradise for all who dwell here.

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Pen also enjoys writing fiction.


She has two books in the Priestess Tale series.

The FULL MOOD (Book 1) and SUN SHADOW (Book 2) show us how loss, love and lessons learned weave between multiple lifetimes.


The Full Mood ~ A Priestess TaleThe Full Mood

Pen has a new edition of a fiction book she wrote years ago. Many of the messages about the importance of living life close to nature come through in this story about a priestess who carries out her work in different eras. 

Book Description: A sacred journey containing elements of loss, love, discovery and healing is interwoven between two women from two very different lifetimes. Namu resides in the wilderness of England during the 800s. She struggles to stay true to her priestess ways while living in an era that forbids her to openly do so. Rose lives in modern times along the shores of Lake Michigan in America. Her challenge is to find, or one might say to remember, the gifts she has to offer. Namu and Rose both have an openness to all forms of life, even that which is not seen with the human eye. They each have their tragedies and joys. Yet, they share only one vision, for they are of one spirit. Their inspiring passage through time reveals ancient truths bringing healing awareness to many. 

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Sun Shadow ~ A Priestess TaleSun Shadow


Along the impressive shore of Lake Michigan, two farm families live with an old wound festering between the borders. As Earth changes become more palpable, harmful practices and biases are exposed. When the moon passes by the sun’s face, the mystical world collides with the natural world. An opportunity opens as two children disappear. Rose, like any good wolf, must use all her instincts and rely on memories from another lifetime to help discover deeper truths.

This is book two of the Priestess Tale series. Though some of the beloved characters from book one ~ The Full Mood ~ are present, the story stands on its own. Enjoy the ride through heaven’s remedial garden as the love between Rose and Ray flourishes.


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