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Blame Game Over ~ Finding Health in a Wild World

There are so many wonderful holistic paths to tread down that help clear our way towards health. This blazes hope in my heart for a world that has walked heavily in the ruts formed by allopathic medicine. Having worked in that world, also known as western medicine, I always thought ~ there has got to be a better way.

Treating and alleviating body symptoms is important if peace of mind is to ensue. However, it is the lack of peace in our minds that has caused our body symptoms to appear. The body is merely a communication device that lets us know when something is amiss. This is the gray area that needs further investigation.

Energy medicine and hypnosis can also relieve symptoms, and I have studied many wonderful options. This leads to relief for many in a less dramatic way than surgery and medicine may induce, and for this I am grateful. However, the real cure for what ails us comes from a complete change in our thought system.

“Whoa,” you may say, “what does my thought system have to do with it?”


The growing trend in holistic approaches to health, aid us in uncovering root causes of stress. Beliefs of not being good enough or feelings of being unloved run deep. And just like a ‘whodunit’ mystery, we can usually find the source of where the messages came from whether from a current situation, childhood, or any other lifetime. Releasing old patterns energetically and bringing in new beliefs about self-worth bring us a sense of relief.

It is not enough.

I can’t tell you how many times I have assisted people to move forward in their lives only to have them return with a new build-up of resentment towards the same or other people. The body may be giving them another set of clues too, pointing very clearly to the underlying issues. The belief that others are hurting us, or the guilt that we are hurting others, can be ruthless on the body.

Perceiving others as innocent, no matter what they have done, is the permanent fix. Yikes ~ not easy. Vigilance for peace is required.

I love helping people to discover and dissolve the underlying problems that have risen. But, even more so, I love hearing about the stories where someone has turned away from a belief system that wants to reenter the mind, but isn’t allowed access. This is progress on a gigantic scale.

Yes, we may always wish that a parent, child, co-worker, neighbor, etc., would treat us better. But, it is when we are faced with someone else’s bad behavior and don’t get drawn into the drama, that we have accomplished a major shift on our healing journey.

In other words, we changed our belief about the innocence of that person. We have come to realize that if the other person were well, than they would be treating us in a loving manner. And so, we offer only help to them in a non-judgmental way. This is how we perceive our own innocence in the deepest areas of our subconscious mind. We remember our holiness as we were created to be. All is healed.

When we see through the illusion of having to do battle with anyone, and come to believe in the innocence of all, we are willing to see the world through the eyes of peace. The body responds by being in a place of calm and seeks to repair any damaged areas. Even if conditions within the body do not return to an optimal place, we realize the body’s function is communication, and it is only temporary anyway. The real healing has occurred. Our minds and Spirit are eternal and we move close to our heavenly existence.

Cloudy sky with mountains over a calm lake

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