Wooden stairs leading up a bluff with a caption of 'A present moment triumph brings us to a new level

Stairway to Heaven ~ Even if it Feels Like Starting Over – We Build on Past Success

One massive gray cloud hovers over Lake Michigan urging me to give my darker emotions to Her ~ the massive body of water who can transmute all that is heavy back to the light. She knows we must be honest with our struggle here in order to let whatever situation we are dealing with release. To resist our feelings may cause a dive into addictions or hasten disease within.

My thoughts are drenched in compassion for the one who feels an utter failure. I took her to the emergency room myself, for she couldn’t seem to ask for more from those who already gave. She said she slipped back into old patterns of drinking and really didn’t deserve to live any longer. I told her she had started over before and I knew she could do it again.

I walk the shores releasing my own disheartened feelings, and listen for guidance on how I could be of greater assistance to those who feel so hopeless. My head turns toward the massive wooden staircase I know I must climb to get to the top of the bluff for my fastest route home. And the words come to me . . .

We are not starting from the ground when we make a mistake, but merely building upon the experiences of our successes. It is like a staircase that we climb when we are willing to live a better life. Those first few steps may seem long and drawn out as we attempt to change a pattern. But then we break through and have a present moment triumph. We stand vertical and take a breather. We have made it to a new level! Then there is the next set of steps to be taken and it may seem a tiresome climb. But each time we persist in our intention, even if we trip up, we are making our way to higher ground. Those last sets of steps to get to the highest peak are quicker because we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

The method I recommend for taking the stairway to heaven:

1. Admit what your feeling when emotions bubble up. Usually there is a physical symptom attached to it as our bodies are attempting to notify us that all is not well. Be willing to express the emotion in an honest and healthy way. This is an act of surrender and faith.

2. Ask for help from whatever higher power you call to. Whether it is a specific deity or the moon, it doesn’t matter. By calling to someone bigger than your self, it gets the ego part of the mind and all its little belittlements out of the way.

3. Breathe deep to dissipate the emotion and focus only on love. Our heart chakra is in the middle of our chest and there is an infinite supply of love there. It may help to visualize it as a big bright sunshine filled with love. Or place your hand there to help you concentrate. It’s not possible to feel love and any other emotion at the same time.

4. From this place of love send out blessings to those who may have been hurt or touched in any way by your actions. Don’t forget yourself!

5. Commit to doing this process every day. Be honest about your feelings. Be willing to love yourself deeply, respectfully, and fully no matter what outside influences seem to be happening.

6. Take the steps you’re guided to take in life with confidence that with each success you are on a higher level on the staircase to heaven ~ a joyful place within your own heart and mind.

7. Know that when you are in a place of peace, you are spreading joy to all around you. They may or may not be in a place to accept your blessings, but we all have our own private journey and you can’t do the work for them. Your love is enough.

From my place on a bench at the top of the bluff, I look out to Lake Michigan with much gratitude in my heart. There is a slit in the clouds and the sun sprinkles a brief bouquet of glitter across the water. I knew there was light beyond those clouds!

May we all reach great heights on our stairway to heaven. Love to you!!!


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