Green forest with gray mist

Mystical Life ~ May Divine Sparks Awaken Us Into the New

As I slowly walk through green forests, I like to view myself as a visitor. This helps me to be more present. Sometimes, I proclaim out loud, “I am open to the mystery!” My five senses then heighten in readiness to observe whatever aspect of nature is to be made known to me. Creatures big and small come out to greet me amidst the deep emerald green backdrop. Messages come ~ not all is as it appears to be, truth is in the call for love. I listen peacefully.

It is the hum of those mystical experiences that I try to carry with me into my everyday life. I let myself feel the soft energy flowing under my skin and attempt to let my Spirit lead the way. Within the chaos of these awakening times I tend to repeat my intentions often. May I not judge those who demand that everyone must think and act in the same way as they do. Let the power of tolerance, discernment, and compassion be known instead. May I forgive acts of violence and hate, and look for the Spirit buried within wounded minds that perpetuate it. May I support the ones who are striving to make this world a loving, viable place for all to live in peace and prosperity.

It may be easy to have mystical experiences in the forest. What is needed now, is to bring those mystical experiences into every vocation and calling we are given to participate in. Whether we are an administrator attempting to make a change in an old stubborn institution, a vender trying to sell produce at the farmer’s market, or a police officer monitoring a protest ~ a difference can be made by surrendering our warlike mentality and intending to make beneficial progress. I pray that we all have the courage to step forward as shining examples of the power of transformative love.

Wherever we are, whatever our part seems to be ~ let’s infuse mystical practices into the ordinary aspects of life and watch the world change in miraculous wonder. Call upon all angels (or whatever higher power you invoke) to be here now! Ask them to shelter us from harm, and guide our every thought, word and deed. Connect with the most loving aspect of yourself, the Spirit that dwells within, and let that part of you be present. Let the mystery of life unfold in ways that benefit us all!

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