Angel sitting among flowers with the message that visitations from loved ones bring us joy!

Spirits Among Us ~ Bring Comfort and Awareness

A young woman was already seated in the shuttle that I needed to take to get from the San Francisco airport to my hotel at the writer’s conference. We were the only two riders, but I didn’t feel like crawling in the back so I sat right next to her. From the side-view of her face, she looked just like my former client (let’s call her Claire) except the lip ring was missing.

During many counseling sessions, Claire would bite on her tiny lip ring as we explored her career path and relationship issues while diving into deeper waters. She was an artistic person who loved helping others. It wasn’t easy for her to find social work that utilized all her talents. Claire also was very open-minded and loved discussing the esoteric realms. We lost touch when she moved south for a bit in her late twenties. But, then she moved back in her thirties and brought a fiancé with her!

Shockingly, she was killed in a hit and run car accident. This world was left with one less, beautiful, compassionate soul. Or was it?

As I attempted to make conversation with the young woman in the shuttle, she would half-smile, but kept her head down absorbed in reading a map. Usually, I’m the quiet one, but I was so drawn to her that I occasionally asked her a question.

“What brings you to San Francisco?”

“Just traveling,” she responded with that sly grin.

I noticed that our driver had a strange look on his face in the rearview mirror, and at times he would talk over her answers. How rude.

We arrived at the hotel, but she didn’t get out. When the driver stood with my suitcase by the open door, I turned to her. “Good luck with your travels.”

She finally faced fully toward me and looked compassionately into my eyes. “I will,” she said with a sparkle in her voice.

I stood there for a moment transfixed into place. Goosebumps ran through my entire being. “Claire,” I murmured. She smiled radiantly.

The driver touched my arm and his face looked horrified. Clearly he thought I had become un-hinged as he led me away from his vehicle.

I never stopped thinking about Claire that entire trip. Magical balloons in bundles of three kept floating past my hotel window during my stay.

When I returned home I told my experience to my friend (who had originally referred Claire to me) who was also a good friend of Claire’s. She told me that Claire’s fiancé and other young friends were in San Francisco, at the exact time I was there, to spread her ashes and celebrate her life.

These events occurred about five years ago and I have not had any more visitations from Claire that I’m aware of.

I will always cherish my visit from Claire. She not only brought me comfort, but also confirmed many of the spiritual aspects of life we had discussed in our sessions together. Life goes on in many ways we do not fully understand yet. My guess is that she is no longer in a place where she needs a lip ring to bite down on ~ as she no longer carries worldly concerns. That makes me happy for her.

When loved ones leave the life we know, they may come to be with us from time to time to bring blessings or comfort. It matters not if they show up in a manner that gives us a vague feeling or if the rare 3D view occurs. Stay open to the possibilities and let the love flow. The mystery of life does continue.

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