Jagged rocks along the lake with clouds

It’s a Joy to Get to Know You ~ Divine Excavation Leads to Knowing Spirit

You never worry
And certainly don’t obsess
For You already know
All situations lead to what is best

Your comfort is like
A pulse beat
That cha-chas from within
If I desire to know You more
You say, Let’s begin again

So I hand You my self-loathing
Shoved down deep
Within grey hole
Divine excavation
Humbled hands let it go

Had a mad idea
So unworthy it made clouds
Underneath the planned escape
Forgiveness was allowed

Upon jagged rock platform
First a glimmer shown
Until body/mind acknowledged
There is another throne

Within my heart
You call a vision
So brilliant and so bright
The ego stands in shock
Remembered now birthright

It is a joy to know You
Dear Spirit dwelled within
Take me over completely
So we need not begin again

Must know the love that
Stands within me
Is contained in all of life
Never to be forgotten
Released judgment pain and strife

The bliss beneath my lashes
Sees You to be the same as me
Together we unwind the threads
Of chaotic mystery

Hope your eyes sparkle at me
But if choose to look away
I know that caution
Is the temporary guard
Thought needed to display

Always a joy to know You
Be You many shades of brown
For within the skin beneath You
I see we wear the same bright crown

Spirit’s secret revelation
To fully know my Self
See within all others too
The glorious connected wealth
The joy of Me and You

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