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Having been in the healing arts field for decades, Pen has many services to offer and stories to tell ~ whether it be the healing of humans, animals or any part of nature! She loves spreading messages that help us become more aware of what heals us and our world. 

Pen earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin, which supports and enhances her counseling skills. Everyone has a life story to tell, and Pen is there to listen. She can assist you in releasing old issues and help you make good decisions for the future.

She has dedicated her life to holistic health and healing. She began her healing service in a traditional hospital setting as a registered nurse. Feeling that true healing goes deeper than just the physical body, she soon began to explore energy work practices. At the core of her work is the loving intention to help people connect body, mind and Spirit for themselves.

In the late ‘90s, Pen received certification as a Reiki Master and Teacher. She also received training in Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, LuMarian healing, and the Body Talk System of healing.

Having a deep interest in how the subconscious mind influences health and well-being, Pen completed Advanced Hypnotherapy Training at the Wellness Institute in Issaquah, Washington.

Always pursuing a higher spiritual connection, she has been a student/teacher of A Course in Miracles for over thirty years.

Living near the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan, Pen enjoys spending time in nature and communing with the local wildlife. She shares her home with her husband, Ed, and her two cats, Ambriel and Porter. 

Pen is founder of Lady of the Lake Holistic Health in Port Washington, Wisconsin. 

Pen walking through flower garden

Pen Augustin is author of Waves of Light ~ Messages from Nature

Pen also has a, fiction, Priestess Tale series ~ The Full Mood & Sun Shadow

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