Nobody’s Fool

The timid, middle-aged woman on the Oprah show was suppose to be getting a make-over. She wasn’t allowed to see what the make-up artist was doing as he transformed her face. When she finally was allowed to turn around and look in the mirror, her surprised expression looked horrified. The make-up guy had over-exaggerated all her features giving her a psycho-clown look. The audience cracked up.

I didn’t laugh. Instead, I felt a jolt of pity in my solar plexus. Eventually, the lady was given a real make-over. I was happy that she was able to be a good sport about it. But, I thought to myself, what other option did she really have?

I’ve never been a big fan of pranks, even on April Fools’ Day. Sure, most of us laugh when the joke is over, but what about those heart pounding moments before we realize it’s all trickery?

“Lighten up,”some may say, “It’s all good fun!”

 They may be right. The spiritual path I follow, teaches me to look past all fear, and to try to spread love under all circumstance. This is what leads to a peaceful existence. Maybe a harmless prank is all good practice for looking past the jolt of fear and getting to the part where a hearty laugh ensues.

Then again, if I can remain calm in those moments when someone yells “spider!” while pointing to my hair, the joke may be on them. So, unless you’re an entertainment type who loves being made to look like a fool ~ I say, look past the prank and smile wide as you say, “ha, ha!”


So one day a buck invited me to play in the park. No foolin’! Now that’s my kinda joke!



2 thoughts on “Nobody’s Fool”

  1. I completely agree. I’ve never thought pranks were funny. Why is it funny to make another soul feel foolish. Once a boyfriend told me some big corporation offered him 1 million dollars for his house so they could plow it down and use it for commercial property. I fell for it since he lived on a busy street. I was embarrassed by how excited I got thinking for one moment we’d be rich. My niece played a similar joke on my poor mom at Christmas by giving her fake lottery tickets. She thought she’d won $10,000. Just really not funny. Peoples emotions get tossed around enough by reality.

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