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Love ~ Hate ~ Love

We all have that one true love. The passion is so absorbing that we lose track of time, and we bathe in the after glow when we return to everyday senses. Ah, but now the tedious tasks that go along with the project eat at the corners of our mind. I really should do . . . you know . . . but I’m not good at it . . . and frankly I hate it.

Welcome to the love ~ hate relationship. It doesn’t just show up in our romance novels. It is the fabric of life that creates the tension we feel when we aspire to bring our passionate efforts into forms that benefit our world.

Unless you have the resources to hire out for the multitude of tasks involved in producing a final product, you probably know what I’m talking about. Whether it’s setting up a business, marketing art, hosting events, entertaining . . . the list goes on ~ there will be some tasks that you are passionate about and those other parts you are not.

For me, it’s the writing that I love ~ it’s the learning of new technology that I hate. Though of late, I’ve learned to laugh at myself a bit more. I had one Twitter post that was pinned for a while that had a few hundred likes/shares. But I accidently deleted it when I tried to pin something new. Ugh. Though, that was not nearly as teeth grinding as having a website that I had struggled to create from scratch ~ be lost, because the company that created the software was not able to keep up with Internet updates. Double Ugh.

I try to embrace the bad parts now, because it leads to the good. My struggle to understand website plug-ins, social media linking, and the indie book publishing business is viewed as a necessary learning process. I have a platform now that lets me show my work. I don’t have to submit hundreds of query letters to find agents and publishing houses. I’m sure I would have hated the submit and rejection ordeal (that some of my favorite authors have written about) a lot more than learning technology ~ not much stamina for that.

So I may have hated the techno learning process at times, and I still get a little quiver in my stomach when I hit the wrong button here and there. But I’m loving the final outcome ~ I get to write stories that express my passion for weaving spiritual truths into words! Thank you technology! I love ~ hate ~ love you!

Do what you love ~ do the parts you hate just to get your project complete ~ love that you did what it takes to get it done!

I finished a new book in my Priestess Tale series ~ Sun Shadow. Now I’m in the process of having both Priestess Tale books turned into paperbacks. Gotta love technology! 

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