Pen Augustin
Pen Augustin
Counselor / Author

Pen Augustin

Pen earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin. Licensed Professional Counselor is part of her credentials. Having dedicated her life to holistic health and healing, she has many stories to share via her books and blog.

She began her healing service in a traditional hospital setting as a registered nurse. Feeling that true healing goes deeper than just the physical body, she soon began to explore energy work practices. At the core of her work is the loving intention to help people connect body, mind and Spirit for themselves.

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How may I help you?

Our walk through life is not always an easy journey. Sometimes it is wise to seek assistance on our path to balance and fulfillment. Pen uses traditional counseling methods and also offers alternative modalities.  


Talking about where you have been, where you are today, and where you would like to be headed helps clear perceptions and brings in greater understanding.

Energy Healing

Accessing higher vibration energy levels can aid in ridding the body of denser energy known most commonly as stress.


This form of deep relaxation allows issues to be explored at the sub-conscious level. Go to the source of the problem where emotions can be released and clarity obtained.


Work With Me

May you be inspired and entertained by Pen’s stories via her books and blog! If you need assistance with your personal journey, Pen is honored to help.

In- Person Session

Let’s get together and explore.

Distance Session

No matter where you live on this beloved planet, we can connect.

Classes, Retreats & Gatherings

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