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Living the Dream ~ The Power of the Subconscious Mind

I walk along the creek path that leads through the woods. The bench that overlooks Lake Michigan is unoccupied, so I sit a bit. My hum of happiness doubles when I see that the Roadtrek that lives in the parking lot across from the lake is home today. It’s an off the grid camper van, that runs on diesel and solar power. And there it sits gleaming in white and gold, awaiting its next adventure. I see myself riding along through Mount Zion, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park ~ the list goes on.

My mind is still preoccupied with my inner travels as I walk up my driveway. The neighbor sitting out on his porch raises his glass to salute a hello. I ask him how he is.

“Living the dream, Penny! I’m living the dream!” he replies with great gusto.

“Me too!” I tell him with equal enthusiasm.

And it’s true. When we let our imagination take us to beautiful places, we are utilizing the power of our subconscious mind in a healthy way. The thoughts and images that have our attention have a direct bearing on the physiological state of our body. Tension melts away as our blood pressure lowers, our breathing evens out, and we begin to secrete the hormones that bring us joy.

That is why, whenever I use hypnosis to help someone, I always start out by teaching them how to create a sacred place out in nature within their mind’s eye. I have them get in touch with their inner senses to deepen their experience. They may see the deep emerald green of the pine trees, feel the warm of the sun on their face, hear birds chirping, or smell and taste a mint leaf. That way (when stress shows up in their conscious life) they can close their eyes and visualize their beautiful place to aid in a return to a peaceful state of being.

Proceeding from a calm state of mind can make a big difference in the actions we choose to take in our daily lives, and to help us let go of stress at the end of our day.

Meditation is also a way to use our subconscious mind (alpha brain waves) to benefit our health. It is a form of self-hypnosis that helps us relax. The difference is; instead of using our imagination to create beautiful imagery or adventures, we become quiet and listen for guidance. Our Spiritual Source can be accessed through the power of our subconscious mind. Maybe you call that Source by a specific name or maybe you ask to connect to the Source of all life . . . love . . . light . . . etc. What matters is taking the time to let your mind let go of all the constant chatter that tends to take up the space. Then Higher Guidance has a chance to come in and assist you.

There are many ways to meditate. I like to keep it simple ~ I visualize a shower of light and ask to be guided. Even if you don’t become aware of any type of direct messages, a state of feeling loved is opened. No need to pressure yourself. Even a minute or two of quiet willingness is enough to bring an enhancement to your state of wellbeing.

Utilizing the sub-conscious for creating a healthy state of mind either through pleasant imagery or meditation can increase emotional, mental and physical health. The benefits can be amazing.

So, I may or may not ever be fortunate enough to own a Roadtrek. In the big scheme of life it doesn’t matter. The hours of enjoyment I can have traveling through the creative crevices of my mind can bring me great joy! And there are no traffic jams, inclement weather, or wrong turns in my adventures. I’m truly living the dream! I hope you do too!

Lake Michigan & a Roadtrek ~ I’m truly enjoying Living the Dream!!!

Living the Dream ~ Subconscious Mind

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