sun setting above the clouds

Cloud Nine

My plane is heading toward home, so I gaze out the window with the hope of catching a glimpse of beautiful Lake Michigan from the air. What I witness instead causes me to inhale sharply. The sun is setting above the clouds and it is stunning!

Suddenly, all goes black as we are submerged inside those magnificent balls of gray fluff. I smile anyway because I’m still feeling a cloud-nine euphoria. There is something transcendent about experiencing joy high above the ground even when turbulence is shaking things up.

I begin to contemplate about how good it would be to feel this free and blissful (come fair or foul circumstance) in every day life. A memory comes to me. I was working as a nurse in a rather chaotic hospital environment, and when I walked into a room a co-worker said, “Oh goody, I get to work with Little Miss Sunshine today.” She then stuck a finger in her cheek and lit up a fake smile.

Admittedly, my feelings were hurt because I didn’t want anyone to think I was behaving like a ditzy blonde. What they didn’t understand was that I was trying to spread positive energy into a stressful environment.

It wasn’t until I quit that job that I realized that my efforts were not without impact. That same person said to me, “I wish you weren’t leaving. For some reason I always feel better on the days when you are here.” Now that’s a compliment I hold dear to my heart!

The truth is that we are always either putting forth positive or negative energy at all times and it has effects we may never know about. So even on the darkest days, I do try to remember to put out the effort to be a cloud-niner! After all, the sun always reveals itself again sooner or later.

I gaze back out my airplane window and see that the sun is now setting below the clouds. Wow, it’s even more spectacular than before!!!

sun setting below the clouds

4 thoughts on “Cloud Nine”

  1. I was just thinking of you, and how when we worked together it was peaceful, and the people who needed you the most always called when you worked.

  2. Your words mean a lot to me! It was nice that we worked together in a less stressful environment than a hospital ~ I always appreciated how you showed me the ropes, and led by example with your compassionate and knowledgeable work ethic! Thank you, Karen!!!

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