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Though I’m no Scrooge, I do admit that the holiday season from Thanksgiving through the New Year celebrations is not my favorite time of year. It is pretty and people do try to be of good cheer and all of that, so it isn’t that I’m not game to be in the spirit of it all. It’s just that I pick up on a vibe that seems a bit pressured.

So this year I’ve decided not to fuss over the extra socializing, gift giving, baking and decorating. Instead, I want to fine-tune my ability to be compassionate wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself. Whew, now I have my New Year’s resolution covered too!

Webster’s dictionary defines compassion as ~ sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. My interpretation of compassion is love in action.

 Given all the turmoil our world is currently facing, it feels daunting for me to pick a cause and go out and do something about it. Instead, I hope to live each day seeing what presents itself in a way that leads me to take action that can make a beneficial difference. I want to be able to say and do the right thing as needed. But, I also want to be sure that I act in a way that leads to peace being spread through my kind acts of service.

I look to well known compassionate activists for inspiration. Martin Luther King Jr. moved us all with his I have a Dream speech. So different from the approach that the Black Panthers’ chose to try and bring awareness of racism. Jesus didn’t wield a knife to protect a woman from being killed. He stood up and compassionately said ~ Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

 My intention is to be open to hearing the voice of Spirit this holiday season so that compassion is spread through whatever activism is my part to play in the healing of our world. We need compassionate advocates to make this world merry for all who live here. May your holiday season be filled with many blessings to kindly help whomever comes your way. My love to you!!!

Holiday compassion

Photo by Mike Augustin ~ Cosgrove Lake Wisconsin

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