Reflections on the water

United State

Watching the peaceful protests around the country made my heart pound with joy! People care ~ we want everyone to have equal rights and fair treatment!!!

As an energy healer, I often ask myself ~ how do I make my best contribution to the good of the world and all who live here? So I thought I’d share my process with you.

#1: I get really honest with myself:

     ‘The words I hear spoken from Donald Trump’s lips make me feel . . . sad, angry and frightened.’

#2: I surrender my feelings:

     ‘Dear High Self Spirit and all who guide me in the highest light, please take away my difficult emotions and shower me in Your love. Help me be at peace so that I can make my best contributions.’

#3: I listen for guidance:

     ‘Donald Trump is your brother who needs help! Communicate with him from your heart.’

#4: I Take action:

     I call to the High Self Spirit of Donald Trump and visualize him entering into my presence.

     ‘Dear Donald, you have the great honor of leading our country. Please see to the needs of all who live here.’ I shower him with love and light. He seems surprised, but pleased.

     ‘Help make our country great for all of us ~ not just your wealthy, white friends ~ and you will forever be known as a great man!’

     ‘All people need access to good health care, especially those with preexisting conditions. Children (whose loving, hardworking parents are not yet citizens) need their parents to be here ~ so they too can have a good chance at a productive life. All people need to be treated with respect and equal care regardless of the color of their skin, their gender or whom they choose to love. Our environment needs our care . . . (I could go on forever about this subject and I do) . . .’

 My belief is that all minds are joined at some level. If you speak directly to someone from your heart, an impact is felt. Can you imagine the influence on Donald’s mind if many people kept communicating with him like this? Now that would create a united state of mind!

Perhaps your form of taking action is to answer an inner call to join a march or take a stand wherever needed! I send love to all my sisters and brothers out there who are devoted to making our country a healthy and honorable place for all! Thank you!!! Isn’t that what the United States is all about?


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