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Year of Miracles

My astrological forecast for 2016 is full of planets crashing into each other ~ many are opposing each other and others are squaring off! Uh-oh (why did I pay good money to get those messages?) And yet, the spiritual path I’ve chosen assures me that I can wake-up every morning with anticipation for a happy time. Hmm . . . I call to my Guide and get quiet. She always has a way of correcting my thoughts to bring me back to peace. Planets are not difficult; their influences urge us to grow in many ways that are always beneficial when seen from a higher perspective and put in Spirit’s hands. Her voice is always clear and gentle, and I thank my lucky stars.

I had a psychic reading done for fun and during it I inquired about a certain tension I felt coming from a friend. I was told that the person in question enjoyed sabotaging my successes more than being a support. Uh-oh (why did I pay good money to get those messages?) I check in with my Guide. Your friend is struggling with self-worth ~ look past the actions and see only the light within ~ let me guide your thoughts and words. I decide not to sabotage my own peace of mind by judging my friend who is struggling, and it brings me deep peace.

Our thoughts and words are very powerful. They have the potential to harm or to heal. Miracles occur when we are willing to turn over our troubled thoughts and let Spirit bring us to a place of peace.

My holistic health practice is based on those principles. People pay me good money to help them receive the messages that bring healing. It’s true that I listen to their tales of turmoil and I join with them energetically to see where in the body/mind they are holding on to the patterns that are not serving their highest good. This is temporary as we clear that stress away. Then my intention is to see only the light within them, and I leave them with messages of love. Minds joined in holy thought bring miracles.

I shocks me how many practitioners of the healing arts do not understand this. When I was a nurse working in western medicine, a surgeon gave me a report on a patient that was just rolled into the Post-Anesthesia-Care-Unit. He announced that the patient was a train-wreck and probably wouldn’t be around much longer. He didn’t know she had already gained consciousness until she sat straight up on her cart and said, “Are you talking about me?” Uh-oh. As he ran out the door, I lied and told her we were discussing a patient from earlier in the day. Then I showered her in love and light and gave her messages that she was in a process of healing that was going very well.

In 2016 the market is now flooded with many practitioners of alternative medicine offering many wonderful healing modalities. This makes my heart sing, but not all are beneficial. A person recently told me that she was afraid of energy healing because a practitioner told her that she was energetically dead from the neck down. Uh-oh. Another person asked me if I thought her heart was okay because someone told her it was closed. The practitioner working with her did not inform her of any hurtful unfinished business that was being released or that her heart chakra was now opening. Uh-oh. Also, there are healing circles out there where practitioners come together to work with each other. I witnessed well-intentioned practitioners, concerned with honing their intuitive gifts, give some very fear-based messages to others. Uh-oh (At least no one paid good money to receive those messages – lol.)

Here is the secret for having a year of miracles: Be mindful of the messages you give to others, and be mindful of the messages you take in from others. If you have a message in your mind that is not positive, let Spirit release it or reinterpret it for you in the light of truth. If you want to be a healing force in the world ~ offer only miracles to others and they will be returned to you in the form of a peaceful mind.

May 2016 be your year of miracles ~ a year where no matter what occurs or doesn’t occur ~ you are at peace. Namaste.

Waves of Light

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