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And the Academy Award goes to . . .

. . . the bear from Revenant! Given that DiCaprio is still alive I assume the bear gave a performance of a lifetime. Still, I worry that the bear is being given a bad rap. In a movie filled with the revenge theme, the bear was merely trying to protect her cubs. It was the men who were out to kill each other for greed and vengeance.

My husband and I like to go to the $5 movies that include free popcorn on Tuesdays. So when the text came in for me to be ready after work to make it to the 4:10 movie that was up for best picture, I thought to myself how bad could it be? Well, it depends on your point of view. If you enjoy watching one bloody scene after another after another . . . then this is a great movie. For me, I needed to focus on the stunning scenery just to be able to keep sitting in my seat. I forced myself to keep my attention on the snow crusted timberlands, gushing rivers, and majestic mountains. It’s just a story, I told myself. During a bloody knife fight that went on incessantly, even my husband leaned over and whispered in my ear, “a bit too much.”

Well it was more than a bit too much, but it did give me sufficient practice time to look past the story and into the beauty ~ the choice as to what to pay attention to was mine. This is what I attempt to do everyday. Drama is being played out all the time; the entertainment industry, TV news stories, work and relationship challenges, and the slights and bruises we dwell upon from memories of unpleasant circumstances. Our minds can be busy with much turmoil if we allow this, but we don’t have to. We can breathe deeply and ask for peace to enter our hearts ~ we can ask our Spirit to focus our minds on how to come up with creative solutions or be a source of love.

My hope is that Revenant only gets an academy award that has to do with the scenery ~ unless of course, they’d like to honor that bear! Sure, others did a great job of creating a bloody good story, but do we need to revere that? There are many entertaining tales that uplift us or show us a better way to be that could be awarded instead. We live in an abundant, beautiful world ~ let’s focus on the glorious!

Messages from Bear

We are on the side of peace ~ that’s the honey of life. Don’t use us as a circus clown or make us perform for you to suit your empty purposes ~ it wounds our nature.

Leave us alone and we will do likewise. Attack us and we will fight, but it’s not a fair fight ~ go away man until you can live in harmony and have respect for all ~ I roar this to you!

We have big appetites and big hearts. That is why we protect our innocent babies. We growl as an instinct, but love is our natural state as it is for all. If you have something important to say then roar until others take notice ~ it’ll get the job done.

Hibernation lets us be in stillness where we connect with the Creator. Then we are awake and have time to play in nature. Cause us no harm and we will be your friend. This world is to be shared with all.


Waves of Light

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