What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Everything! Everything!! Everything!!!

Love is what everyone wants ~ what all creatures need to thrive ~ it is the core essence of who we are.

Throughout the decades I have learned many wonderful healing modalities, some traditional, some holistic, and some alternative. What I have discovered is that the secret ingredient to all healing is love. Whether it is a surgeon’s skillful hands cutting away a tumor, a Shaman chanting away evil spirits, a hypnotic trance state that leads to healing an inner child, a decision to forgive persons involved in a traumatic event, an ingested herb or pill, or a channeling of lighter vibration energy that is used as the mode to help us heal ~ know that it is love that is the true alchemy that brings us back to balance, to peace of mind, and that sense of well-being that transcends knowing into a state of being.

Recently I held a Lightworkers Retreat in beautiful, sacred lands that nurtured our hearts and souls. We did some inner work ~ connecting with our inner senses and allowing ourselves to discover and clear out buried memories that no longer served a higher purpose, and then we showered ourselves with the healing energy of love. We did some outer work ~ sending that same loving, healing energy to all aspects of nature as we connected with our outer senses while immersed in the presence of glorious wildlife. Bringing that love to ourselves is what gives us the capacity to be a healing force that is then available to all others ~ be it lake or tree or bumble bee. Healing ourselves is loving ourselves. When we are in love with our own being, then we naturally spread that love like a wave of healing to all we encounter. This is how our planet and every life form on it will heal.

Dr Sha (who is trained in both western and eastern medicine) is a healer who has written many books about the power of love to heal anything and everything. On the retreat we all sang one of his soul songs, Love Peace and Harmony to bring healing to the environment. I felt that as a group, we did world service that day. The morning after the retreat, when I checked my Twitter messages, I found that Dr Sha had followed me on Twitter! I didn’t even know he was on Twitter so I have never followed him there, and I do not have a big social media following. Yet he found my work and connected with me precisely at the time I used his work to spread love to the world. The confirmation that his Love medicine is a powerful message and that this energy is communicated in influential (and sometimes mysterious) ways was validated for me in an astounding way.

Love is real. Love travels. Love heals. Love is who we are. Love is what everyone wants to experience and what everyone needs to flourish. I love you!!!

Waves of Light
I send you all my Love!!!

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