Says Who???

You don’t feel well ~ maybe outside circumstances in your life have changed, maybe your body is giving you moans and groans, maybe you can’t even put a voice to what it is that’s just not quite right ~ but there it is ~ you don’t feel well. So you consult the experts.

Hmmm. There is medical world ~ it’s likely that they can come up with a pill that will do the trick. The problem with that approach is that the symptoms may resolve, but the underlying problem that was trying to draw your attention is not likely to be dealt with if the symptoms aren’t there to annoy you any more. Of course, if those symptoms come back or new symptoms develop, they may convince you that a stronger dose or a new med is needed. Plus, a pill for this and a pill for that have fluctuating parameters depending on the latest and greatest studies out there (which not surprisingly are mostly carried out by the profiting pharmaceutical companies). Example ~ they scare women into taking hormonal supplements so they don’t have to deal with annoying menopause symptoms even though it is a natural phase of life that may be handled with lifestyle adjustments. Then later the statistics show those same pills are known to cause more harm than good. From my experience working in a hospital setting, it became very clear to me that the more meds a person relied on; the more problems seemed to keep popping-up (we called these patients frequent flyers). Hmmm.

Hmmm. There is psychology world ~ it’s likely that they will have you uncover buried feelings so that the source of who-dun-it can be dealt with and hopefully released. The problem with that approach is that even when unfinished business seems finished, a sustainable feeling of peace doesn’t always linger (unless a holistic approach is used ~ see spirit world below). Here too techniques change depending on what is in vogue. Back in the 90s I was trained to have clients beat down with a rubber hose to release anger build-up. Then I read the work of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who mentioned that an approach like that could actually reinforce a traumatic event by making it seem more real. What I’ve come to realize is that finding trauma and releasing it isn’t enough ~ there needs to be a spiritual understanding of the dynamics. Hmmm.

Hmmm. There is spiritual world ~ here is the path to awakening that takes on-going dedication and development of humility. I have a lot of respect for the above two worlds as they do have there place of significance, but I’ve come to believe that when we don’t feel well healing is often more sustainable at the level of spiritual discovery. Knowing ourselves as the true light beings of love that we were created to be takes us on the road to not just forgiveness of others, but also awareness that others are also true light beings of love (they just don’t know it yet if they’re behaving badly). Hence all the living your life through love approach to healing has become wonderfully popular now. However, this approach must not include denying thoughts and feelings when difficult situations occur. A lot of spiritual people repress their emotions, which isn’t going to be maintainable for long without causing body symptoms to show-up. It still takes the work of acknowledging when we don’t feel well and surrendering to the healing process. Hmmm.

Consulting “experts” when you’re not feeling well can be helpful. I do recommend finding someone who utilizes Body/Mind/Spirit healing methods, as one approach doesn’t seem to have lasting effects. Listen to the body’s messages via its symptoms, acknowledge feelings when they are triggered and let the mind become aware of where they stem from, and then call on whatever your Spiritual Source is to help you release difficult feelings, correct your thoughts, and see the light within everyone involved (most importantly ask to be shown who you really are). Peace is the outcome of a healed mind knowing oneself as Spirit within a body having a temporary human experience.

Says who? How about asking your High Self Spirit directly? That is the part of you that lives beyond this little world ~ after all, she’s the real expert who knows exactly who you are and what you need to think, say and do. She may even send you to the right “expert” that is beneficial to your process. May you all live gently as you discover your own path to deep inner healing and truth.


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