Reflections on High

Ah, if only we could look down on our life situation from a high place of all knowing. Surely we would see which road leads us to our greatest peace. We could avert broken bridges and flooded under passes. We would sail through the air with the wind at our backs for an easy ride!

Though I must say that I have found value in walking on the cutting rocks, falling through a few crevices and scraping my knees while scaling the cliff. The joy that washes through when finally the destination is embraced is like no other. The bumpy mistakes may make for sharp learning, but the knowledge it awakens inspires the strongest surge of gratitude to the heart and eyes.

Surely, asking for guidance from those on High would spare a few wounds, you might say? But then again, perhaps it is higher guidance that sees the deeper learning that transpires from taking the treacherous route. Maybe understanding what we don’t want first, makes for wise choices that forever inflame our minds for future endeavors. Then when we look down on our journey from our newfound higher place we can smile at the torn road and bless it for its teachings.

Goat TW

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