Birch trees

The Root of the Matter

There’s something about a drop in temperature combined with trees bending in half that has the ability to affect my mood. All I want to do is sip coffee and curl up with a blanket. Also, it seems important that I know that the people I love are safe. It’s really the only way I’m going to nestle in with an air of contentment.

Living in an era of mass transit and technology is a Godsend. It allows for the freedom to be rooted in relationships whose seeds have been scattered across mountains and rivers.

We all breathe more expansively when we know strong bonds are not hampering anyone from having a fully explored life. Isn’t that the best gift of love we have to offer each other ~ the autonomy to go where we are being drawn to and to be where we are best suited?

When we have known a person from the inside out, be it family or friend; there must still be the ability to let go of any clinging vines that threaten to choke off someone’s intention to have an authentic existence.

Life is constantly changing. Commitments that may have originally been thought to be life-long may be altered. A new person shows-up that feels like destiny just entered in may occur. A surprising job offer happens. An opportunity to go on the adventure you’ve only dreamed about shows up. Out of the ordinary events can shake up our sense of stability. Yet allowing a loved one (or our selves) to discover where that road brings them may be the wisest, most loving act we do.

To do otherwise can bring feelings of missed opportunity, thwarted learning, and out right confinement. But what if the person headed out the door is a spouse? Do we have what it takes to let someone we love have the chance to partake in experiences we cannot join in? Do we find a healthy way to deal with our emotions as we work out a responsible and fair arrangement?

It’s true that some relationships are better off ending. Then there are other times when allowing an open door for exploration is the very thing that strengthens the root system that has been in place for eons. Keeping an open mind and heart to all possibilities may be the answer to learning what true love is. Send all your loved ones who are treading a different path wishes for safety and joy!

Up close or from a far ~ loving free is at the root of the matter. It is the very definition of unconditional love.

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